How to Stay Positive and in Action When The Fulfillment of Your Dream Seems Far Away.


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How to Stay Positive and in Action When The Fulfillment of Your Dream Seems Far Away.

Happy Monday!
My morning is off to a good start, thanks to my Vision Boards. I have done Vision Boards before, but I have never really used them like I have been for the past week.

It was actually really surprising to see to which images I was drawn. I am still gaining new meaning out of them a week later.

Using images verses words to describe what we want is a great way to really get an un-filtered and truly authentic view of our dreams. If you haven’t already, I urge you to do a Vision Board for this year.

Watch my vlog below to see some of the surprising pictures and meanings I gained from mine, and to see how its been keeping me in action.

A lot of the pictures on my board signify how I want to feel this year. For example, one picture of a gal on a blow up doll in a pool signifies childlike play to me, so when I ask myself, How can I get more of that in my life now? I came up with the idea to play with my dog for five minutes in the morning before I leave the house verses just in the pm. Starting my day having some fun with Little Puppy Chulo is definitely more fun! And, pretty easy! As, he is always up for a game of, Go on, try to take my toy!

There are a few more examples in the vlog.

Just a little action every day that elicits the same feelings in our Vision Board gets us living it!

I placed mine on the back of my closet door, so I could see it every morning and remind myself to live it.

Just think, if your vision board is your Oz, and you are doing one thing each day that makes you feel you are living into that life, you are placing one foot forward on your yellow brick road. All you have to do is follow your yellow brick road daily, and you are well on your way to Oz and the fulfillment of your dreams!

It’s that easy! And actually fun! LOL!

So, if you haven’t already done it-

#1 Make a Vision Board- Get a poster board, and some magazines, looking in the recycling bins in your building is a great place to find a lot of old magazines. They don’t need to be current to get the pics you need. Cut out the ones which resonate with what you would like to create this year in your life.

#2 Look at your board, and make a list of what those pictures mean to you and see what feelings they bring up. How do these pictures make you feel or do they signify how you want to feel sometime this year?

#3 Think about what small, 5 minute thing you can do to make you feel that same feeling. And, be a Nike, and just do it!

I would LOVE to hear how this works for you! Please share any insights with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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