Energetic Strategies to Make Your Resolutions Come True! Part 1


Happy New Year!

Energetic Strategies to Make Your Resolutions Come True! Part 1
Can you celebrate how far you have come?

As this calendar year comes to an end, I am challenging my clients to recognize how they have grown this year, what they have accomplished and learned from another year of the school of life.

What if the life you lived last year was custom designed to set you up for some really big dreams coming true?

While getting beautified for the holidays, I did some magazine reading catch up and was pleasantly surprised to read some uplifting articles in the January Elle magazine.

Two of the articles came to the same conclusion about happiness, saying that the key to having it is understanding one’s self worth.

One of the ways I help myself and my clients get in touch with their power is to remember what has been accomplished.

While you may not have gotten that book published or gotten married yet, you may have, like one of the members of my class, successfully created enough income to carve out time to write each day and been a featured writer for a blog that may be leading to a book!

You may, like another member of my class, have successfully put some healthy boundaries in place and ended a relationship which was no longer satisfying, and started dating a new man in a new way!

Any step you have taken in new thinking or practices that has been more in alignment with what you want is important to note.

So, can you stop sometime today, and just write down some things you did this year that are in energetic alignment with what you want? When I say energetic alignment with what you want, I mean things you thought or did that made you feel good or inspired you. See if you can write little things, like changing negative thoughts to positive ones and bigger ones, like how you actually put new actions into place.

Take five minutes and write it all down, as I think you will be surprised and inspired by what comes out, and by just how far you have come!

Much love and joy,

Stayed tuned for part 2, as this is just the first step! Hee-hee!


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