Energetic Strategies to Make Your Resolutions Come True! Part 2


Happy 2014!

Energetic Strategies to Make Your Resolutions Come True! Part 2
The most pleasant way to figure out what you want this year!

Imagine yourself in front of a huge counter of delicious food, and the smiling person behind the counter asks, “What would you like today?”

Wow! There is so much to choose from and you want to have a great lunch, so what looks best to you? What do you really feel like? What would satisfy your cravings the most?

Now, let’s look at your year the same way.
You can have anything you want; there are so many experiences from which you can choose. And, the awesome thing is that most nothing happens over night, so you get the opportunity to taste and savor each experience and really know if this is the direction you would like to go!

Often my clients feel they have failed when something they are manifesting isn’t happening now, and I remind them of just what has happened and how far they have come, as I asked you to do yesterday. See, in the experiencing of each step of our dreams, we get to really relish in the feeling that it is happening, and that is the secret to manifesting, the how to do it! Feel it and attract it!

I mean think about it, if you would like to get married, you have the chance to think about the qualities of the guy you would like in your life, then date him for a while to see if he suits your fancy, and vice versa for you dudes out there. It’s important to have the time to try things out, before you feel married to them, literally or figuratively, lol. It really is great that most things don’t happen overnight for this reason!

If you think you want to change careers, you get to think about what really turns you on and inspires you, then try some different avenues to do that thing you love or be around that thing you love, nothing is written in stone. Each day is new, complete with different choices, and different foods and experiences to try!

My experience with opening my first studio has been exciting, stressful and surprising. In the first year of business, I have gotten to see what I really like about being a physical business owner, what I don’t, what is working for me and what is not, and what’s amazing is that I never would have known the answers to those questions a year ago or even six months ago! It takes time and constant re-evaluation to have what we want. In other words, happiness is a daily process. And, the awesome thing is that we consistently get to make choices which dictate our direction!

I am sharing all of this with you BEFORE you write your lists, so you know this list is ALSO, ALWAYS a work in progress, so you don’t put too much pressure on yourself even before you start it.

If you didn’t do the exercise from yesterday, please do that first! It was cool to get this TUT Note from the Universe after I wrote yesterday’s blog:

If you were able to look back at your most brilliant successes, stunning comebacks, amazing catches, and smokin’ ideas, and you were to find that virtually all of them seemed to materialize out of thin air, when you least expected them, and that they had exceeded even your greatest expectations at the time, how excited would you be about the new year and whatever else I’ve got up my sleeve?

Hubba, hubba –
The Universe

I just LOVE TUT Notes from the Universe, and highly recommend signing up to receive them. It is so nice to get that vote of confidence from The Big U a few times a week!

After you have made that list from yesterday’s blog of anything you have thought, experienced, caught, dreamt, tried, or taken action on that moved you forward in any small way toward your dream, then start this list detailing in broad strokes what you would like next! If you already wrote the list, just read it again before you start this one.

Then, know happiness is always a process which consistently entails choosing what you want. In other words, knowing this isn’t the final, and you can definitely change it, simply answer these questions from a place of wondering about it all!

  • What would you like this year?
  • What would you like to taste?
  • What would you like to experience?
  • What would you like to draw into your life?
  • Who would you like to meet?
  • What would you like to wonder about?
  • What would you like to experience that inspires you?
  • What would you like to accomplish?
  • What is your dream for next year?

There is soooooo much joy to be had with this list AND your life experiences next year, so imagine your life is just one big counter of amazing food choices, what would be fun and satisfying to try?

Would love to hear about all the groovy treats you are going to try!

Inspire us!

We can’t wait to hear what you will be up to! Hee-Hee!

Much love and fun,


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