How To Tap Into Faith


How To Tap Into Faith


I gave my future husband a card, which was a perfect explanation of how I feel about him. The front read,

“You are nothing I ever expected, and everything I always dreamed.”

It’s so true! What’s even more amazing is that the very thing that would have turned me off about him prior to my trip to Brazil is the thing I value most about him today: his faith.


I grew up Catholic. Like a lot of Catholics, I rejected God and faith in my teens, as I don’t agree with all the views of the Catholic Church.  In my twenties, I re-found God while reading Marianne Williamson’s book, Return to Love.  Then, in 2011, on my trip to Brazil to see the healer John of God, I had a truly visceral experience of the love and grace of God, while singing a Catholic song I grew up with. You can read the story here.


When I got back from Brazil, and I met and started dating my fiancé, he invited me back to church. Sitting in St Patrick’s Cathedral, listening to their amazing choir, I felt the same feelings I had in Brazil. It was a sign to me that he was probably the Right One, and that was a good place to go to re-fill my cup of love and faith.  If I hadn’t gone to Brazil, I truly would have passed over this man who is nothing I ever expected, and everything I always dreamed.


I consider this a great example of how God/The Universe can come up with better outcomes then we could have imagined.  I really had to have my mind and soul expanded, before I could accept this man and all the wonderful qualities he possessed.


When I came home from work a few weeks ago upset about something, he gave me a big hug and he asked me if I had done everything I thought I could about the situation. When I said yes, he said, “Then put it in God’s hands now, Bean.” (His loving nickname for me)  Giving it up to a Higher Power gave me permission to let the worry go.  The next day, the problem was resolved!


If using the word “God” makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to substitute your higher power.  It’s a great time of year to get in touch with your own faith in a power greater then yourself, faith in the power of love, and faith in yourself and your ability to manifest what you want.  The holidays are upon us, and while they may bring joy for some, they also can manifest a lot of stress and sadness.


As I have said in a few of my recent blogs, we have transitioned pretty quickly into winter on the East Coast, and we didn’t really get such a chance to experience fall.  It was 60 degrees, then BAM: we are in winter!  Fall here was vibrant with beautiful yellows, oranges and reds, then, in one week, it was gone. The trees were bare, and the stillness, cold and darkness of winter was upon us.


I have noticed in the past two weeks many of my clients coming into the office with their lung meridians weakened.  I believe it has been an environmental symptom of the stress of such an abrupt change.  We really didn’t get a chance to process fall, which has to do with letting go and grieving the end of a year’s cycle. The lung meridian is representative of this season in the Chinese Element Cycle. The emotional theme represented by the Lung Meridian is having inspiration or faith. So, a very good way to help ourselves transition from fall into winter is to support the lung meridian and the emotions it represents.  I have created a short tapping sequence with affirmations, which I gave quite a few of my clients this past week to help support the results we created in our sessions together.


If you are having trouble finding your inspiration or joy right now, I suggest doing this short routine 1-3xs a day.


As Abraham-Hicks would say, “There is so much love for you here.”

We just need to be open and receptive to receiving it.


Much love and peace,



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