How to Let Go of Attachment, So You Can Get Outcomes Which are Better Than You Expected


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How to Let Go of Attachment, So You Can Get Outcomes Which are Better Than You Expected.

So, last week this came up in both of my manifesting classes. When we really want something, it’s tough to let go of how we think it should be or how we think it should happen. But, when we are attached to something happening the way we think it should, we block any other way of it happening from occurring.

The Universe has all of the world and people in it to work with, and in comparison, we only have our small life’s experience to inform what we believe is possible.

Check out the video about this with an exercise to help you let go and let the Universe do its thing. Check out the cross posture I mention in the video here:

And, if you interested in doing more of this kind of work with me, check out my manifesting class; I have a free introduction on Dec 2nd at 8-930pm at the studio on 61st btwn Lex and 3rd in NYC. Let us know if you would like to come manifest with us! Email us at!


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