Did You Know That Choice is Dependent Upon Awareness?


The Lara Touch – Did You Know that Choice is Dependent upon Awareness?

Did You Know That Choice is Dependent Upon Awareness?

I quote soul sista Patricia Moreno from the Intensati event this past Sat- “Choice is a function of awareness.”

It was so cool bringing our work together!
Patricia’s inspiring workout and message combined with the energy work we did together in a huge circle made for a powerful experience. I was buzzing into the evening!

Becoming aware of what we are saying, feeling, thinking in the moment gives us a chance to choose what we want to say, think or feel next.

Consciously, we can flip our scripts and choose to think another thought by upgrading what we are thinking in our head.
But, I have found feelings more stubborn and difficult to shift. Thank goodness for energy medicine! Using the exercises I have links to on my site has had an amazing stress relieving impact for both me and my clients.

Both of these stress relief exercises help to calm the central nervous system’s fight or flight response and take you from a sympathetic response to a restive or restorative, parasympathetic response. When you use these tools to combat negative feelings, it’s way more comfortable and empowering to be aware.

Upsetting feelings are just our body’s way of telling us we are not doing what we want to be doing. So, if we can help our bodies quickly digest upsetting feelings with these stress relief exercises, we can start thinking about what we really want, and start doing some things to get us closer to having what we want.

Affirmations are awesome, and when you release the upset or fear about them not coming true, you can then start really thinking about what it would be like if these affirmations did come true. What if it was true right now? How would you feel? Feeling those cool feelings about your affirmation coming true is what raises your vibration equal to what you want, and helps you attract situations that support it happening.

But, we have to first BE AWARE, as Patricia so artfully points out.

Can you stop, look and listen to what you are feeling, saying and thinking today?
And, if it’s negative, help your body move those emotions through with either one of the stress relief exercises to which I have provided links below. Then, think about what you want, and how it would feel to get what you want, so you can raise your vibration and welcome in the miracles that are coming next!

This really works. It can change tears into smiles, fear into sparkle. We saw that on Saturday in the workshop. The faces and energy in the room were way different before and after we did the energy routine.

The secret here is, you have to do these exercises. Being aware, and clearing upset will give you amazing access to what you want, but like anything ya have to do it.
I do it several times a day, and without these tools, I never would have been able to attract what I have in this amazing last year of my life. Miracles happen, but you have to create the space for them to come in.

So, please start working this muscle by using these tools today! The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise can be used on trains in taxis, almost anywhere.

Try it, and let us know how it goes.

Tapping For Stubborn Stress Relief


The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise

Much love and energy!


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