Stress Relief for a Common Emotional Disease, Guilt


Stress Relief for a Common Emotional Disease, Guilt

Ahhhhhh guilt. Letting go of guilt can not only be great stress relief, but it also raises your energy level and vibration.

Abraham Hicks, one of the first to bring the Law of Attraction to the world, says that we can attract what we want if we believe it is possible, and feeling the excited and positive feelings that would come from receiving what we want helps to raise our vibration to the level equal to what we want, so we can attract what we want faster. Conversely, if we feel guilty, we actually lower our vibration, and bring ourselves further away from what we want.

So use this link and this phrase to clear it!

“I release all guilt, so I can raise my vibration and be more energized for my world.”

This can apply to and be helpful in all sorts of situations, and it often comes up when we don’t want to keep a promise to ourself or someone else. Here’s a prime example. You want to get in shape for summer, and you promise yourself you will go to the gym and workout, and you just don’t make it there.

So ask yourself, what part of working out do you want? I am sure you want the results, so number 1, can you focus on how you would feel after you workout or how you would feel slipping into your skinny jeans?

Saying this phrase a number of times with The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise will help-“I feel energized and sexy having just worked out and wearing my skinny jeans!”My next question is, are you doing a type of exercise at the gym that you actually enjoy? If you are not, stop, and figure out how you could burn calories in a way that actually pleases you! I cannot and will not do cardio on a treadmill or other stationary equipment, as it makes me feel trapped on an arduous road to nowhere. I would much rather, burn calories outside running, walking or biking or teach my Radiance dance and workout class. See, when you are having fun, you speed up your metabolism; when you are not happy, you actually produce hormones that slow it down.

I am excited to be doing a workshop this Saturday with Patricia Moreno, creator of Intensati, a fun exercise class that combines affirmations, an intense workout and great music to create an uplifting experience!

Patricia is going to work our bodies out, then I am going to do some brain gym to get our subconscious minds fine tuned to manifest what we want! It’s going to be a powerful combination! I am getting excited just thinking about it! Talk about raising the vibration; we might just lift off! LOL!

So, if you can’t think of what workout would make you happy, or if you just want to get a little higher, come check it out on Saturday! The info is below!

To doing what pleases you and raising the vibration of yourself and the planet!



The Lara Touch With Patricia Moreno and Lara Licharowicz
June 22, 2:30-4:30

Ready to manifest ANYTHING you want? Tap into the power of your subconscious. Learn to      release fear and anxiety in minutes so you can shift from procrastination to action.  Patricia will lead you in an intenSati workout and Lara will take you through a powerful practice that will free your mind so you can manifest better outcomes than ever before. Lara will teach you:

–How to train your brain and condition your nervous system to be comfortable with having the relationship, career, bank account and life you desire.
–How to relax a fight or flight response and physically alleviate fear, anxiety, procrastination and stress in minutes.
–How to use any upsetting events in your life to help you determine what you want, and take action to get it.

Free your mind, and start manifesting better outcomes then you ever could have expected!
June 22, 2:30-4:30
Equinox Columbus Circle

Sign up today!






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