Love This One! Should You Care What Other People Think of You?


Love This One! Should You Care What Other People Think of You?

Find out what Lara and Deepak think!

Deepak Chopra-
“What people think of me is none of my business.”

If you have ever worried about what someone else thinks, this is a GREAT phrase to use with the crossed posture from the last blog.

Sitting in this position, as you repeat this phrase in your head helps gets your brain to work bilaterally, which helps restore a restive state, or a parasympathetic nervous response. Doing this trains your body to relax when you worry about this. Do it enough, and over time, you will find what other people think to be less and less a concern. You arte training your body not to worry!

“I release my care about what others think, and I recognize the good things I have in my life now”

After you sit in this posture and repeat this phrase in your head about 20xs, repeat it 2 more times in the 2nd posture.

Then, just name 3 things you LOVE about your life, and think about how just naming these makes you feel.

I JUST LOVE my puppy, cappuccinos from Joe’s in NYC (complete with hearts) and big bear hugs from my boyfriend!


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