Another Gem from Oprah’s Interview with Deepak


Another Gem from Oprah’s interview with Deepak (and a “Super Learning Exercise”to help you do it!)

Here is another great quote from Oprah’s interview with Deepak Chopra in
the June edition ( I know I am sooooo late, but these are TOTALLY TIMELESS and worth hearing again if you already saw this! ) of O magazine and on OWN Network. Def look for the re-run! It’s worth it!

“It is good to observe your reaction to react.”
-Deepak Chopra

I have found a good clue to noticing when I have reacted to something is my feelings. If I am upset about something, I almost always am reactive.

I have also found, that if I can calm myself down, and get some perspective, I usually feel relieved and most times even learn something.

Upset has become my access to feeling better about a lot of things.

Calm your central nervous system with this stress reducing pose.Try this exercise to see what I mean.

  • Think of something that is upsetting you. On a scale of 1-10, how intense is it?
  • Now, sit with your hands and ankles crossed like in the picture, and think, “I let go of my upset about this situation, and I choose to calm down now.”
  • Say this to yourself 10xs, and then open your eyes and re-rate the intensity of your stress about this situation.

Doing this exercise calms your central nervous system by causing you to go into a parasympathetic nervous system response, a restive verses fight or flight state, so you are physically calming yourself down as you think about the upsetting situation. You are actually re-training your nervous system how NOT to react or go into upset when you think about this again, thus you are training your body how NOT to be so reactive.

Do this enough and you will be less and less reactive, its what I call non-reactivity training 101, LOL!

Let me know how you did and what you think of this at or post a comment on my website.

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