How to Feel Angels and Receive Their Help



A few years ago, a new client, a freshman in college, was struggling. She was completely overwhelmed by all the new demands at school and had fallen into a deep depression. She called me because she felt so bad; she was wondering if she even wanted to exist. 

She was resistant to coaching, to doing energy exercises, or to going to the nurse’s office, so I called in angels to help.

Miraculously, within 5 minutes, she agreed to see the nurse at her school. This was after being on the phone with her for over an hour.

When I saw her a few days later for a session, she brought up angels. I was surprised because I hadn’t told her I had called on angels to help her that night. 

She explained that she had felt a supportive force guiding her to the nurse’s office, and when she got there, she was able to see the psychologist on call, who helped.

When I told her about the angels, she teared up and said,

“Thank you; I felt them guiding me.”

You too can connect with angels and receive their help.

You also can call on them when you feel powerless about anything distressing that is happening in the world. Seeing people suffering on the news is especially difficult when you feel like there isn’t anything you can do to help. 

Calling in angels to support anyone in need is a very powerful act and a way you can help and elevate your own energy simultaneously. 

Listen to this short meditation, and ask your angels for help.

There are many unemployed angels just waiting to provide support. 

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  1. Thank you Lara for your supportive emails and particularly this Angel meditation as a good reminder and making it a simple practice 🙏⭐️❤️

  2. Arch Angel Michael and Gabriel were called upon when my 4 month old Schipperke puppy Seala bolted from my back door and escaped from my yard and into the forest. It was terrifying and for the 7 days she was missing we feared she’d been taken by hikers along the trails or worse yet harmed by the many predators in the coastal forest where I live. I prayed to them daily, Michael to protect her along with St. Francis of Assisi to help guide her to safety, Gabriel to help with the messages to others that might help me find her. This Monday she was found near my neighboring fire station. My prayers were answered she was safe, very hungry, and glad to be home.

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