A Powerful Year-End Review



So much happened last year! And maybe some stuff didn’t.

Did your life fall short of your 2023 resolutions?

Just as likely, last year may have surprised you, brought about interesting adventures, new people, gifts you haven’t fully acknowledged, challenges that forced you to grow and create greater freedom for yourself!

Life provides us with the experiences we need to grow. 

And we rarely take the time to understand the significance of all that has happened. 

Before you go making 2024 resolutions, it’s enlightening to ponder all that happened in your life last year. Doing a year-end review can help you:

  • Spark fun New Year’s Eve dinner conversation!
  • Remember all the fun times and what you enjoyed. 
  • Be conscious of what situations hurt, frustrated, or stressed you. 
  • Acknowledge just how much you have grown. 
  • Start thinking about what you would like to change for the better in 2024

If you have decided to stay in and have a rejuvenating night with yourself, answer these questions on your own, and maybe share them with a friend tomorrow.

Here are the first 3 questions, which would be the best to discuss at your New Year’s Eve Dinner, and you can download the full 2023 Year Review Worksheet below. 

This list of questions is from a year end review, founder of Women on Fire, Debbie Phillips, developed with her husband, Rob Berkley, for their coaching clients. Both have taught me so many important lessons. 

2023 Review: (First 3 questions)

1.      What were your most favorite times/moments?

2.     What accomplishments could you celebrate, toast?

3.     How do you want next year to be different?

Click here to download the worksheet.

Your answers might surprise you!

So much love and joy this year!


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