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Been triggered or massively annoyed by anything lately?

As we start the new year and are thinking about all the things that we want to be different, the things that are NOT working are going to be like sirens going off in our lives.

So, if you are feeling upset, annoyed, or aggravated, you are not alone…

AND, This Upset is Access to growth if you are willing to allow it to show you what you want to change in your life.


The intesity of your upset = 

The distance between what you are feeling 


What your inner being knows is possible for you in your life. 

You know your life can be and feel better! 

This was how I felt about my health when I was suffering with chronic fatigue years ago. 

Despite years of trying sooooooo many different things with little relief, I knew somewhere inside that I COULD FEEL BETTER. 

I just had to find my answer. 

You can hear all about it and how to use your Upsets to create Access to new growth and possibility in your life in the fun conversation I had with my dear friend Dana Frost on her Podcast, Vitally You.

I also shared a quick and easy tapping routine to help you calm the internalized pressure and overwhelm that can come up when setting goals or new year resolutions.

Click the image below for access.

Much love,


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