How To Use The Powerful Energy Of The Capricorn Super Full Moon



The Capricorn Super Full Moon comes into view today, Wednesday, July 13, 2022 at 2:38 pm EST and 11:38 am PT.

This is an invitation to pay closer attention to how you are feeling and what your feelings might be showing you that you need more of in your life. 

This Full Moon calls for us to take responsibility for our lives and the direction they are traveling.

If we are not happy, if we are not fulfilled, if we are not spending our time how we wish to, this Full Moon beckons us to take charge and own up to any of our self-sabotaging actions which may have led us here.


I find we are motivated to let go of old patterns and perspectives we no longer need when we outgrow them and they become too constricting for the life we now want to live. 

And the sign we are ready to let go of our old ways and thinking is generally disappointment or discontent.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld is hovering close to this Full Moon, creating some heavy vibrations. We may find ourselves needing to come face to face with some uncomfortable things.


It takes a certain amount of discord to motivate change. If everything were perfect, there would be no reason to grow! 

So, feeling frustrated, annoyed, regretful, angry, or upset may be the prompts from this Full Moon and your own soul to realize your potential for growth. 

Rather than asking why this is happening to you, can you ponder why this might be happening for you?

What could this show you that you want or need?

How could you do things differently, open up and share what’s in your heart or ask for more help?

Mercury, the planet of communication is also hovering close to this Full Moon, so it’s likely we may find ourselves needing to have a difficult conversation, or find the confidence needed to share what we really feel.

We can also use this energy to remember the creative power our words hold. The words we speak to ourselves especially carry a lot of weight, so be sure to watch how you are communicating with yourself.


Let’s use your feelings to help you figure out what you need more of in your life.

1. What is bothering you this week?

Example: I got really annoyed in a doctors office because of a lack of organization and clarity about the time commitment for the appointment.

2. How are you feeling about it? Can you think about the situation and notice the feeling that comes up? (Anger, Sadness, Frustration)

Example: Really angry and annoyed

3. What are the facts about the situation?

Example: They said it would take an hour, but I waited 30 minutes before being seen, so the real commitment was 90 minutes or more.

4. What do you wish was different? What do you want concerning this matter?

Example: I wished they were more organized and time efficient. And, I wish I had more time, so when things run late, I am not feeling time pressure.

5. How would you feel if the ideal scenario occurred.

Example: It would feel easy and I would feel more supported.

With one hand on your forehead and the other hand on your Solar Plexus, repeat this phrase using your own answer to the previous question, until you feel a release or you take a breath and exhale. 

Little by little, I can feel more _________ (Ease and Support) in my life.

Then ponder…

What small thing can you do for yourself to provide you with this feeling today?

Example: When I got home from the appointment, I laid down and did this very exercise to help calm my frustration and figure out what I wanted moving forward.

My answer, going back to my previous doctor, who was further away, but more efficient.

And…making a commitment not to schedule my days so tightly.

It causes extra pressure that is unneeded.

Over the next few days, ponder how you can take other actions to provide you with more of this feeling.

Little by little, starting today, you can have more of what you want and need in your life.

Much love and ease to you,


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