A Powerful New Moon Clearing



The energy of the New Moon in Aries will be at its peak tonight, March 31st through April 1st. 

This energy brings support for new beginnings. 

Under the energies of the Aries New Moon, think about what you want to start, what seeds you want to plant, and set your intentions for the months to come. Know that the opportunity for a do-over, for a fresh new slate is on offer if you want it.

Along with the beautiful creative manifestation energies that this New Moon provides, there is another energy that is rippling through the cosmic skies at this time thanks to the asteroid Chiron.

Chiron is known as both the wounded healer and the rainbow bridge.

With Chiron energy strong under this New Moon, we all have the power to take our wounds and find the beauty in them. We all have the power to acknowledge how our wounds, even though painful, have shaped us into better and more compassionate people.

– ForeverConscious.com

This past week, much of my work with clients centered around releasing and reprogramming fears around confidence. 

If you were to ask me the biggest block to smart, high achieving people finding satisfaction and fulfillment, I would say…

  • Self criticism 
  • Perfectionism 

You are most likely a great friend, having compassion and doing your best to cheer your friends up when something goes wrong, right? 

Do you extend your vast capacity to be loving to YOU? 

What do you do when you are upset or anxious about something?

Do you think about worst-possible case scenarios?

Are you critical about what you could have done to avoid the situation? 

Under the energy of this new moon, it’s beneficial to make a healthier choice—ask yourself what you need to help yourself feel better.

What could you give yourself to support yourself through any upset or new endeavor?

Whether you are dealing with an upsetting situation or planning how you might navigate change…

We often treat ourselves the way our parents did.

With the healing power of Chiron present during this new moon, I ask…

In your next endeavors, if this can be a new beginning…

How can you treat yourself the way you wanted to be treated as a child? 

How can you treat yourself the way you would treat your own child or a good friend? 

How can you be aware of old critical patterns which no longer serve you, and choose to support yourself instead? 

Tonight and tomorrow night, use the energy of this new moon to help develop the habit of supporting yourself instead of criticism. 

Lay in bed with one hand on your forehead and the other on your Third Chakra, your Solar Plexus. 

Place pillows under your elbows so you can relax into this position without holding your arms up, as you repeat this phrase: 

I can release criticism and the pressure to be perfect and soothe and support myself instead.

Let this sink into your subconscious as you fall asleep. 

Then during your day, please focus on how you can soothe, energize, and inspire yourself. 

Ask yourself throughout your day:

What can I give myself to bring more ease and inspiration into my day? 

  • Maybe it’s a walk around the block to ground yourself on your lunch break? 
  • Maybe it’s asking for help from a colleague? 
  • Maybe it’s making sure you get enough sleep or get your exercise in? 
  • Maybe it’s watching your favorite show or listening to your favorite podcast for inspiration? 
  • Maybe it’s feeling the warmth of connecting with a close friend?

Let this new moon help you begin each day and all your endeavors with more ease and support. 

There is more love and support available to you.

Claim it. 

So much love, 


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