Foggy headed? Ungrounded?…An Exercise To Help Your Body Adapt To 5G



Feeling foggy headed lately?

More tired than usual? Drained?


These are some of the symptoms you can experience when your body experiences the new frequency of 5G.

While Electromagnetic Frequencies are not considered harmful, they can affect you. 

In the video below, I…

  • Explain how your body can react to this new frequency. 
  • Take you through an exercise to help clear your head, ground you and help your body more easily adapt to 5G. 

Please leave a comment below and let me know if this resonates and how you feel after the exercise. 

And, please use this simple link: to share this with anyone who, over the past week, has been feeling “off.” 

We can’t always control the energy that comes our way, but we can balance our bodies and stay strong and healthy in the face of it 😉 

Much love, balance and energy,


6 Replies to “Foggy headed? Ungrounded?…An Exercise To Help Your Body Adapt To 5G”

  1. Lara-
    Proof positive about thickening our auric field, and the grounding factor! Clearing of the fog and incoming frantic, jagged electric energy–spot on!! This helps so much to ground and strength my entire body, sending our negative energy down into Mother Earth. Wonderful results!! THANK YOU!!

    1. So glad it helped, Michelle!

  2. Omg! Your blogs always come at the right and perfect time! My head has been foggy for days, I felt like I was getting allergies or I was getting Covid again but just had it 5 weeks ago! My head immediately got better while doing the exercises! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and healing exercises! Xoxox

    1. Yay! I’m so glad it helped, Taryn!

  3. Thank you, dear Lara! Appreciate your work, warm and goodness! It’s very helpful.
    Big hugs!

    1. You’re so welcome!

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