How The Lunar Eclipse Might Be Affecting You



Eclipses represent portals of transformation and awakening. They tend to bring fated events into our lives that help to elevate the evolution and growth of our soul.

These transformations and awakenings may be quick and sudden, or they may be slow and linger for the weeks and months to come.

The Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19, is the first Taurus Eclipse we have experienced since 2014.

For clues on what this new Eclipse cycle may bring into your life, think back to what soul growth you underwent from 2013-2014, which was the last time we experienced this Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse cycle.

How did you evolve during this time period?

In 2013 I got engaged, and I married my husband in 2014. We made commitments to love each other to the best of our abilities for life. 

Did any big life changes occur for you between 2013-2014? 

How did those life changes help you grow? 

Because of my relationship with my husband, I am…

~more connected to what is happening in the world. 

~more connected to my faith.

~more aware of how I am giving and receiving love. 

~more tapped into joy because of the birth of our son.

See if you can answer this question for yourself…

Because of ________________

(What happened in 2013-2014) 

I am more _________________.

Venus is very active at the time of this Eclipse as it is the natural ruler of Taurus. Venus rules over all matters of the heart, love, and our finances. Venus also rules over what we value and what we find worthy, so all of these themes have the potential to rise to the surface at this time.

Just this week, my husband and I had big argument. 

Through talking it out, we have discovered a better way to communicate and it’s deepened our relationship with one another and with ourselves. 

Seeing the best in each other as we did in 2013/14, we approached the old argument in a new way.

Is there anything happening in your life now, that relates to matters of the heart or feeling worthy? 

Does this relate at all to what happened in 2013-2014? 

How have you grown since then? 

I am more vocal about my needs and desires now and more fulfilled as a result. 

Knowing my husband truly cares about how I feel even if we disagree helps me feel more see, heard, and valued in my relationship. 

What could this look and feel like for you right now? 

Complete this sentence: 

Today, I am more_______, _______, _______, _______, _______ than ever before. 

I asked someone in one of my coaching groups this same question and this is what came up.

Does this resonate for you?

I am more independent now.

I am more clear now.

I am more present now. 

I am more connected now. 

I am more aware of what I want and what I need now. 

I feel worthy of my own time and attention now. 

I feel more grounded now.

I feel worthy of my own love now.

I feel more able to see the best in myself now.

I feel more able to see the best in people now. 

I feel able to protect myself and to set boundaries which feel right for me now. 

Since 2014, so much has changed. 

Acknowledging all you have gained is a beautiful way to value your growth. 

Valuing the person you have become helps you feel worthy of having what you desire next in your life.

Embrace this Taurus Lunar Eclipse as an opportunity to awaken your heart to a deeper and richer love.

Embrace this Eclipse energy and allow it to show you the way to the next chapter of your soul evolution.

Much love and expansion,


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