A Birthday Celebration and Personal Revelation



JP had his first birthday last week!

Can you believe a year has gone by already?

My experience of Pandemic time has been so odd. A year ago feels like just a few months back, yet a week ago, feels like eons.

Anyone else feeling this too? Time warping?

This past year feels like the longest and shortest of my life.

James’ birthday snuck up on us in this way.

A few days before, I had flashbacks to a year ago remembering the protests outside our window, the prayers I said hoping all would be well bringing him into a world in turmoil. 

A year later on the eve of his birthday, I sat rocking Baby James to sleep in my mother’s rocking chair, and I was transported back in time, into her arms as a small child. 

Cuddled into her chest, enveloped by her love was the most secure place to be. 

When I cried because I had fallen and scraped my knee badly, or later when a friend hurt my feelings, my mom would hug me and tell me it was going to be OK. 

Even if I didn’t totally believe her, I felt comforted by her love.

Flash forward to today. JP was upset and reached up for me to hold him. He was overtired and needed his mama to calm him down and cuddle him so he could relax into a nap.

After wishing JP a happy birthday, one of my clients asked me what I had learned from being a mom.

My answer surprised me.

“How important it is to soothe myself.”

I am not saying that I put my own needs before my baby’s. He was fed and napped on schedule.

But, when he was napping, instead of doing the dishes or the other long list of things that had to be done, I made sure I took care of myself.

In many cases, I sat down and did energy work to calm my nerves.

I was better for him when I soothed and took care of myself.

Through all the emotional ups and downs of last year, with my family having Covid and then my son having post viral complications from it, this lesson was ever so clear. 

When I didn’t take those moments for myself, I was frazzled, off balance and not so OK as a result.

As we move into a new future, I invite you to do some time travel yourself. 

  • How were you feeling at the start of the summer last year? 
  • What did you do for yourself during the Pandemic to soothe and take care of yourself? 
  • What made you feel safe and secure as a child? If you had a turbulent relationship with mom or dad, what other people or places soothed you? 

One of my clients who grew up in an abusive home, found solace and peace in her back yard growing up. It was her safe place. Throughout the Pandemic, she found comfort, balance, and grounding in the Conservatory Garden in the park. 

  • What soothes you and helps you take care of yourself now? 

As we re-integrate, please don’t forget about taking care of yourself. 

There will be so many people to see.

There will be so many things to do. 

There will be new demands on your time.

And, it will be OK, as you take the time to soothe and to take care of yourself through it all.

Please hold dear in your life the moments you found during this past year that re-charged, soothed, and supported you.

You made it through last year.

Give yourself your own love. 

Give yourself what you needed as a child.

Give yourself what you need now.

You, your life and the people in it will be better for it 😉 

So much love,


2 Replies to “A Birthday Celebration and Personal Revelation”

  1. Lovely picture of you and JP, Lara.
    My year has been an amazing shift from loosing a relationship, feeling lost and depressed, and then changing the energy of that which opened a new door for me. I worked hard at focusing on what I wanted in my life here on out and did a mantra over that daily over the next three months. My new lover appeared in the doorway of the grocery store. I had worked for him for over 7 years, 15 years back. He had just ended a failed relationship too. It will be a year this September since our reunion.
    This year the focus is on deepening our relationship which continues to thrive and bloom.
    Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      So happy to hear this, Yvonne! Way to turn your own upset into access!

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