I Got My Vaccine Shot! And I’m Sharing How I Alleviated Side Effects Inside ;)



I was thrilled to get an appointment for and to receive my first vaccine shot! 

Thanks to Huge Ma, a big-hearted software engineer who created a free website called TurboVax, I was able to get a shot the day after I found out about his site. He created it to help fellow New Yorkers get access to next day vaccination appointments that become available due to cancellations.

Yes, even though I have not historically been pro-flu shots, I ran to get a Covid vaccination. 

Why? Because I witnessed first-hand the potential long-term effects of being infected with Covid. 

My husband was very sick when he had it at the end of November and while we didn’t think Baby James had Covid since he never had a fever during that time, he tested positive for antibodies three months later. Both his pediatrician and I believe the infantile spasms or mini seizures that landed him in the hospital the day after Christmas were a post viral symptom of having Covid.

When my clients have asked my thoughts about the vaccine, my answer is – I would rather take a controlled version of this virus that is designed to train my nervous system to fight it, than deal with a rogue version that I have seen can have lasting effects. 

“But, Lara, aren’t you afraid of side effects from the vaccine? How can I be sure that my immune system can handle it?”

Believe me, that was a question I had myself. From a physical perspective, I am still within a year of having my C-Section to bring James into the world, and not yet feeling my strongest. It is taking time to be able to build up slowly to doing the same workouts I did before I got pregnant. I have been respecting my need to rest and to heal, and I wasn’t keen on giving my body an immune challenge.

But I am also confident in the power of energy work as medicine!

When I was pregnant, I received two different vaccines so I could transfer the antibodies to James without him getting a shot. And, as I began to have some mild, flu-like symptoms from them both, I did the Blood Cleansing Protocol I am sharing with you below. After doing the protocol three times, my symptoms were gone, and I felt myself again.

I did this protocol in the taxi on the way to my Covid vaccine appointment, in the taxi on the ride home, then before bed that same night. I woke up feeling great, but preemptively did the entire protocol again, then took a two hour walk in the park. The walk tired me out, so I did the Protocol again and took a 20-minute nap.

When I woke, my symptoms were gone, and I was able to run to the store to pick up some things we needed for dinner. I did the protocol one more time before bed and woke up feeling great the next morning!

As you do this protocol you are super charging your body’s blood cleansing ability and moving Qi/Energy through your body more efficiently. You are super charging your body’s ability to process the vaccine.

This Xi Cleft Protocol is not commonly used for vaccine side effects, but it has worked several times for me and my clients. It is generally used for acute pain and alleviating inflammation.

In the video below, I take you through how to do the protocol. 

And, in the Xi Cleft Protocol Resource Sheet that you can download here, I share the common clinical use of each point.

If you have any of these problems chronically, you could try stimulating just the specific point you need for relief. 

I also have pictures of each point and instruction on how to find each point in this detailed resource. I suggest uploading it to your phone or printing it out so you can do this protocol as you watch TV or listen to your favorite podcast 😉

Energy work has proven to me to be a great way to reap the rewards of Western Medicine and the immune strengthening these vaccines can provide while helping your body avoid potential side-effects. 

I have helped many clients more effectively and easily process chemotherapy by stimulating the meridians their body needs to jumpstart in order to more effectively detox the chemo out of their system. They are able to reap the benefits of chemo’s cancer killing ability, while experiencing fewer side effects. As they train their body to more effectively process the chemo, their chemo sessions get easier and easier with each session, which is generally not the case with patients who are in chemo treatments.

This is a testament to how Energy Medicine can complement Western Medicine and make some of its benefits more accessible to even historically drug sensitive people like me!

Don’t forget to download The Xi Cleft Resource Sheet to your phone, so you have the power of this Blood Cleansing Protocol at your fingertips! 

And feel free to share this link with anyone who is getting their shot! http://bit.ly/covidvaccineprotocol

Much love, health and energy!


8 Replies to “I Got My Vaccine Shot! And I’m Sharing How I Alleviated Side Effects Inside ;)”

  1. thankyou for this. excellent information

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      You’re welcome!

  2. Thank you so much for this Lara. I go in for my second Moderna vaccine shot on the 15th at Costco.
    I have been using acupuncture meridians over the past 40 years and have studied some energy medicine techniques over the last year when the lock down happened. As always your downloads always arrive at a critical time in my life. Your work is truly a blessing in my life.

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      So happy to hear this, Yvonne!

  3. I used this for 2 days prior to, 3 times the day of, and two days after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine with wonderful, helpful results. Thank you so much, Lara. I felt like I was able to do something to help my body process the vaccine. Especially helped with tiredness and some nasal congestion.

    1. This is wonderful news, Jodine! So happy it could help!

  4. Hi Lara. I loved your XI Cleft protocol. 8 days ago I had my 2nd vaccination. I did the routine for 3 days before and 3 days after. I do have chronic arthritis. It seemed to attack my worst places. I had excruciating pain and very little sleep for a full week. Now it has left me with worsened joints than I already had. I went on to include my Reiki, EFT for pain and inflammation , acupressure etc etc. As I seem to be left with worse arthritis than I already had, would it help to carry on doing the protocol please? May be I should have contacted you sooner. Thank you so much for all the information that you send me. Love Jackie

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      Hey Jackie, if you’re still feeling like your arthritis is getting worse, I would stop the protocol for now. How are you feeling lately?

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