Full Wolf Moon Magnetizing Ritual



This Full Wolf Moon feels important. It can magnify your emotions and show you where you are (consciously or unconsciously) putting your energy and your power.

From aMODRN.com:

“This moon is in Leo, so it will be coming to its fullness with the attitude of its zodiac placement. You’ll feel your ego heightened, according to InStyle. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on how you currently feel in your life. If you’re satisfied with how things are going, you will feed that ego and in turn, be more generous and kind. If your sense of ego is lifted while you are feeling like you’re being treated in an unfair way, it can cause a sense of rage and anger. That being said, you need to claim what’s yours if you’re being wronged. You can also enjoy tooting your own horn if it is deserved, because well, you are worthy of praise!

If you didn’t look and review the past year at the end of 2020, this month is giving you an extended chance to do so. It shines a light on the gifts you’ve received over the past year and month. It’s also a good chance to look ahead and see if your goals for this year are being met. While it’ll either be a happy dance or a frustrating strut, it is necessary to take a good hard look at yourself. So what will it be for you?” – Valeriya Chupinina

You get to choose.

What you give energy to grows.

This Full Wolf Moon gets its name from Native American tribes, and it conveys a feeling associated with the cold, long nights of winter through which the howling of hungry wolves echoed incessantly. The Farmer’s Almanac points out, wolves also howl to “define territory, reinforce social bonds, and coordinate hunting.”

So, as we face the dark, long nights of winter and socially sparse Pandemic reality, will you hunger for what you miss or howl into the wind in recognition and celebration of all you have defined for yourself during this last year?

Historically, when I ask my clients to note growth or accomplishments, most have a hard time getting the list started. Somehow it’s easier to focus on the negative.

But, what if you were the beneficiary of a…


Your debts forgiven

Your wounds healed

Your apologies accepted

Your generosity expanded

Your love educated

Your desires clarified

Your uniqueness unleashed

Your untold stories heard

Your insight heightened

Your load lightened

Your wildness rejuvenated

Your leaks plugged

Your courage stoked

Your fears dissolved

Your imagination fed

Your creativity uncorked

What if you could just forgive yourself right now for any ways you think you may have failed, and focus on how you grew? 

As much of life as we knew it was stripped away, what did you discover was important? 

How did you stretch yourself and your heart?

How did you take care of yourself?

What touched, moved, or inspired you?

What did you get better at?

What are you proud of?

What would you like to celebrate about yourself and how you navigated this tough year?

Sometime today or tonight, please take 5 minutes, and use the questions above to finish this sentence and write a Thank You note to yourself. Just set a timer and write.

Dear Self, 

Thank you for helping me…

Pay attention to how it feels to notice and fully receive all your blessings. 

Read this Thank You note to yourself in the morning before you get out of bed for the next three days to get the fullest effect of this powerful Magnetizing Wolf Moon Ritual.

Completing this ritual can help you believe in yourself, and draw useful opportunities, possibilities and help your way.

So much love, 


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