An Invitation to Open Your Eyes and Your Heart



As I shared, my 2020 ended with a stressful trip to the hospital with my son. 

James is doing much better, but it was a tough month. 

After our Covid experience in early December, we had a week to get back to normal, then on Christmas Day, we began managing this new healing crisis.

I was exhausted from our family’s bout with Covid, and now this.

Last Wednesday afternoon, my phone was blowing up with text messages expressing a similar sentiment about our country.

“Are you watching all this unfold in DC?”

 “I can’t believe what is happening, so upsetting.” 

We had all just finished a rough year with hopes that the election had brought about some resolution, so we could move forward, then this happened.

I received this email from Jonathan Fields the next day, which spoke to my heart.

“Coming out of the year we just had, there is this very human compulsion to just want to put it all behind us, to move on from it, to wipe the slate clean, and step into a place of pure possibility.

Problem is, the slate is not clean. Nor well. Nor inclusive. Nor equitable.

Yes, there is much beauty and humanity and grace and possibility on the horizon. Much to birth and savor and be grateful for. Much to make manifest. It’s okay to see that, and participate and even enable it, and know it, too, is real.

But, at the same time, the world, and many of our lives–if not directly, then indirectly, and empathetically–are still very much grappling with layers of complexity, challenge, and struggle, born of issues that still very much NEED our attention, our love, our devotion, and effort.

Wishing it wasn’t so won’t make it so.

Nor will the simple fact that the year on the calendar has flipped from 2020 to 2021.

We are still very much in a season of profound duality. Possibility intertwined with disruption and pain. While that may feel hard, while it may feel like something we cannot wait to exit, or at least be selective in what we let in, it is also a season of radical responsibility. 

We’ve gotta find a way to hold and act upon both realities, in real time. 

When the ground shifts, as it has, when the pieces break, as they have, it may be uncomfortable, but we are also simultaneously blessed with that rarest of windows to reassemble the pieces. The world. Not in the shape of what was. But, of what can be.

Much as we’re desperate to feel differently and my deepest hope is that we will with time, we’re not there yet. We are being called, right now, to stay on the same page, to keep our heads out of the sand, our eyes and hearts wide open, even if they well with tears and break into a thousand pieces, a hundred times a day, and to stay invested. 

It is time not to turn the page, but to keep doing the work. Not to get us back to a normal that was anything but for so many, but to create a future that invites more into the experience of wellbeing, community, equity, dignity, safety, opportunity, and possibility.

While we can look forward to and invest in creating a new and better future, we cannot put behind us that which still envelops us.”

– Jonathan Fields

His invitation that week was to “think less about turning the page, and more about doing the work.”

So what is the work? 

For me, even through this tough time personally, the work is what it has always been. Seeing upset as access to change and the chance to grow. Discord gives us a reason to stop and learn something new and to make the effort to do things differently. 

As things have stabilized in my household, over the next few weeks, I am excited to share with you all I have been learning from these upsets and to give you access to how we can harmonize in the face of conflict versus fighting against it. 

To begin, I invite you to start with yourself. 

There is a lot of growth to be had, and it is going to take energy.

Before embarking on any journey, you put gas in your tank and plan stops along the way to refuel. 

Through these stressful times, this is what sustained me, taking breaks to refuel my energy with love, rest, and inspiration. 

So this weekend, as we continue to weather the bumps in the road along this journey, I invite you to plan stops to refuel your own energy.

I offer you what sustained me, a cozy blanket, cup of warm tea and some TV programming that touched, moved, and inspired me to keep going “with eyes and heart wide open,” so the journey, while stressful at times, can also be expanding and enlightening

Watching energizing programming can calm your nerves, provide your body and brain with needed rest, and fill your heart with love to sustain you. 

With so much love, 

My Energizing TV List: 

Soul a new movie on the Disney+. I watched the last quarter of the movie three times and learned something new about life purpose which pleasantly surprised me. Life changing stuff! 

All Creatures Great and Small  a new series on PBS about a newly graduated veterinarian. It is a heartwarming show which left my heart feeling fuller.

Chef’s Table – re-watched the episodes about Grant Achatz and Massimo Bottura. Both these men are inspiring examples of how following your heart and passion can help you not only triumph over adversity but also help, wow and thrill many others in the process. Totally inspired by their perseverance and genius!

Somebody Feed Phil – I don’t know this man, but I have great love for him because watching 15 minutes of this show before bed as I managed the effects of Covid in our household helped me calm down, trust that all would be well again in our world, and get a restful night’s sleep. Philip Rosenthal is the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” In this series, he takes viewers on a goodwill eating tour of the world. 

Please comment below to share any shows which are inspiring you right now. Both me and the community would love to hear about them!



10 Replies to “An Invitation to Open Your Eyes and Your Heart”

  1. ‘This is Us’ television series.
    ‘Frozen 2’ The second Frozen Disney movie- some really good deep and relevant messages about following your heart and soul calling and what it takes to do that.

    1. Love these suggestions, thank you, Jodie!

  2. Schitt’s Creek! I did not watch it until recently and it has become so heartwarming, uplifting and inspiring. And of coarse it is very funny! We are now on the last season of it, season 6.

    1. Thanks for the rec, Rebecca!

  3. I have enjoyed watching The Crown as I used to lived in London and the aesthetic (beauty of the colors, interiors, outfits, landscapes, architecture) of the show reminds me of the UK and what I loved about the it. Also the story itself satisfies my curiosity about the ups and downs of the Royal family although I have never been of the their followers. Great acting, and it’s beautifully made and entertaining story.

    1. I’ve heard great things about The Crown. I’ll have to check it out! Thank you!

  4. I love Soul too. I started watching the NASA reel on YouTube overlooking the Earth from the Space Station before going to bed. It helps me zone out and get a wider perspective.

    1. Oh I love this idea! Very cool 🙂

  5. Ted Lasso on Apple TV is funny and leaves you feeling good. The power of being positive and making others feel good!

    1. I’ve heard good things about Ted Lasso! Will have to watch!

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