The Choices You Could Make to Enjoy Your Holiday More



“Simple truth: fast and busy are a choice. We choose to go fast and be busy because we think it’ll get us what we want. All too often, it doesn’t. Fast and busy makes life brittle. It makes us feel like every inch of space in life is locked in and there’s no room to move. It deludes us into feeling like we’re getting more done faster, but in reality, we could get the same done in the same or less time with more grace by dialing it back, not forward. In the end, we’re left feeling dissatisfied and helpless to extract ourselves from the process. Except we’re not. It’s all an illusion.”

Thanks Jonathan Fields.

I am inviting and giving you permission to dial it back and to take a time out before you rush to fulfill some holiday illusion that may not even be aligned with what you want.

Tis the season for love, goodness, and giving. But it doesn’t always feel that way. It is common this time of year to feel more stressed about time, money, family interactions, and expectations. All over TV there are commercials, shows, and movies depicting “perfect” holiday family gatherings and parties which can create unrealistic expectations about what your holiday should be looking and feeling like.

What your holiday looks and feels like is your choice. And what feels good to you, may be different than what others are doing in real life or on TV.

So I invite you to STOP. LOOK at your list of all you have planned to do, then LISTEN to your heart. Do you really have the desire, time and energy to do it all?

How do you want to feel over the next few days?Drained and exhausted? Or want to enjoy the weekend and feel rested so you can enjoy your holiday?

Ask yourself:

  • How can I give myself more time?
  • Is there anything I can order online, versus having to go pick it up? InstaCart (grocery shopping) Amazon and Amazon Prime, and Postmates (specialty food delivery) could help you save some running around time for yourself.
  • With what else can you ask family members or friends to help?
  • Is there anything you are overdoing and could simply cross off your list?

My sister-in-law called the other night and asked if we hadn’t gotten anything for them yet, if we could just not do gifts this year. “DONE!” I said! “Let’s just enjoy being together this holiday! With less stress, we can enjoy each other more!”

With the extra time you have saved, what can you do for yourself? What can you do to actually enjoy your own holiday season?

  • Stop and take a break with your favorite warm, yummy seasonal drink? 
  • Get your nails done in a fun holiday color? Add a chair massage while you are at it!?
  • Maybe you just take a nap or give yourself the gift of going to bed earlier or sleeping later, more sleep!
  • See one of the great movies out right now, something inspiring that you could share with your family or friends when you see them? 

More space, less pressure, time to take care of yourself and enjoy your own holiday?

Why not? It’s your choice. 😉 

So much love, peace and joy!


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