The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself


Her blood pressure began to rise.

Anger filled her body as the new manager of the gym told her that her contract to rent the studio to the end of the year didn’t work for him. He told her that the terms of the agreement would have to be changed for her to continue to teach her popular/packed class there next week.

“This is unfair and illegal! We have a contract! Can you believe this? What do I do?”

I took a deep breath. Then I asked her several questions which caught her off guard. “What do you want? Do you want to teach classes there? Did you want to continue there in the new year with a new contract?”

When bad things happen, you are hit with upsetting news, someone or something hurts you, you get injured or sick, your plans get thwarted, or anything else upsetting happens … I urge you to stop. Take a few deep breaths. Maybe rub your temples and do some tapping (like in my stress relief video below ) to calm yourself. Then ask yourself “What do you really want?” This is the most important question you can ask yourself.

Just because you are expecting something to happen, doesn’t mean it’s what you want.

In my friend’s case, she was just manifesting what she really wanted before her psyche was ready for it.

In answer to the questions I asked her, she told me that she had already decided that she was not going to continue to teach at this gym in the new year. She was going to cut the classes and focus on her online programs just as I had suspected.

So I asked, “How would it feel to have all this happen now versus in 2 months?” Her answer surprised her, “Actually, really good.”

Manifestation realized. Problem solved.

Even though what this manager was doing was wrong, it actually was giving my friend the push to do what she really wanted anyway.

So, please when a wrench gets thrown into your plan try to:

LOOK at how you are feeling. Calm yourself down with some deep breaths or one of my exercises. My fave is below.

LISTEN to what your heart really wants here.

Sometimes you may just be manifesting your heart’s desires faster than your psyche can make sense of it all.

And as my teacher Donna Eden says, it’s always better to “Choose happy over right;)”

So much love,


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