This Goes Out To All My Doers, You People Who Pride Yourselves on Getting Stuff Done!!!



Ever feel exhausted because it just feels like, despite all the effort you are putting into something, it’s just not happening? Or maybe it’s happening, but so slowly that you are skeptical that it will ever get done? Or maybe you are accomplishing tasks only to find another problem arise that needs your attention, so your list is never ending!!!!?

If you are a “Doer,” like me, these scenarios frustrate you more than others. You, like me, feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when you can check something off your mental list knowing it’s handled! It actually relaxes you and makes you feel secure to have had a weekend where you got a lot done.

The only problem with all of this is, despite the fact that it makes you feel good to do, do, do, over time, it can burn you out, because it’s a coping mechanism as well as a strength.

What I mean is, it’s how you react to stress. Think about it, the last time you got bad news, how did you react?

Last week, I got a call from a friend telling me that a mentor and person close to my heart had serious cancer. And, my immediate reaction was to make a list of all the things I could share to help during his cancer fight. My wise friend sharing this news said, “Lara, he’s got his plan, and knowing him, he is just going to focus on his plan.”
Knowing him, I do trust he does have a good plan. Hell, he mentored me on making plans.
I know he knows the power of energy work to help the body better process chemo. I know he has found himself the best of the best doctor for this type of cancer. If I respect his power, and I have faith in who I know him to be, a very powerful person, I will have faith in his plan as well.

So, I just decided to focus my energy on seeing him as powerful and sending healing angels his way every day. And, this morning, I woke up with the same Heart Chakra related chest pain I experienced when my mom was battling the cancer. I held my Heart Electric Points with my Heart Chakra, instructions below, to help alleviate the pressure in my chest and to center myself. Thank God for energy work!
And, when the Heart pain was gone, I was just left with sadness and the desire to connect to the Divine.

When in doubt, or feeling like there is nothing else to be done, or when what I have done just isn’t having it’s intended effect, I am discovering that giving it up, handing it over to my Higher Powers- God, Angels, my mom in spirit, The Universe- gives me calm; it grounds me and helps me have faith.

Faith in what?

Faith in the laws of the universe that I know to be true.
1- If what you want isn’t happening, do something to change your energy. The Law of Attraction states-You attract what you feel, not what you do.
2- And hand it over to the Universe. The Law of Attraction also states, The Universe hears us, and it sends us what we desire, but it’s all based on emotion. If there is no faith, there is static or resistance in the form of anxiety or stress, which is the opposite of what you want to attract.

In our limited knowledge of what is possible, we don’t always see how situations could work out better then we ever could have planned.

My mom’s passing, while sad, has resulted in me having an amazing connection with her in spirit. I feel her with me every day. And, my father has been forging closer relationships with all of us as a result, something my mom wanted for us all.

We don’t know what we will learn if we let go and let ourselves be guided.

What do you mean be guided? By what?

When all else fails, what do you have? You have your mood and your outlook, which you can manipulate with your thoughts and energy work. And, you have your connection to All That Is, Your Highest Power.

And, I invite you, as I have been the last few weeks to find small moments to connect to it. As it can give you peace, grounding, comfort, connection, strength, rejuvenation, hope, inspiration, and so much more.

With all that was happening the week before going away to teach, , I had ANOTHER issue arise that I HAD to handle today. It involved going down to the Social Security Card Office and getting there at am, so I could get a new card and finish filing my taxes without canceling clients.

Instead of marinating in my annoyance, I asked my UBUR driver to take the FDR, so I could see the sunrise over the east river.

I got wowed by the beauty of the beginning of a new day.
It’s amazing, despite whatever is happening for us,
~The sun still rises.
~The water drifts by.
~There is beauty in the way the light comes out, even over an industrial area.

There can be discovery and beauty in every aspect of life. 

It takes stopping and being present to notice this.

Recognizing these moments and getting present to them and my connection to All That Is
is now something that is on my doers list, a priority.

~Stopping to receive love, a hug from my hubby and cuddles from my puppy, when I get home before rushing to get to dinner.
~Letting go of the email I am writing, so I can watch the sunset as my train crosses the east river.
~Choosing a bike ride in the park or by the river over going shopping.
~Taking 5 minutes to do the Heart Electric Exercise when I wake up and go to sleep.
~5 minutes to sit and sip tea and think about what I really want as I feel the warmth run through me.

These are now priorities and first on my list.

What makes you feel connected, calm and grounded?

Doing these relaxing things not only can calm you down, but it puts you in receiving mode. It allows you to get creative ideas, stop the static created by the demands in your life and understand what you really want, as you refill your energy reserves. Just breaking for 5 minutes and turning your attention to nourishing things like this, can make you more effective and efficient in your life.

Especially if it feels like what you are working on is taking FOREVER or you are just having a hard time getting things done. It’s probably counterintuitive for my fellow doers out there, but try changing your energy with one of these connecting activities; bring some energy back into yourself, and just see what you attract next.

Doers! Just take a few minutes a few times a day to just be.

Get the energy flow coming to you verses away. You just might be surprised what you attract and get accomplished;) ��

So much peace and love!


And, if this is speaking to you, and you want to take a break, like now, and just be for a weekend, come to Soul Camp West; the campus is a beautiful place where I always feel peaceful and connected. Here’s the link if you want this in a big way for yourself right now! 

Got this in my mailbox right after writing this blog–
Sometimes we just have to wander the path and trust that it is taking us somewhere beautiful. We cannot always see where we are going, but always are we surrounded by love. Life has a way of taking us where we need to go. Trust your path. God is with you.

With Love and Blessings, 
Laurel Bleadon-Maffei

Heart Electric and Chakra Calming Exercise mentioned in the blog-
Hold the right corner of your pubic bone with the right hand.
With the left hand, hold the point that is intersected by one line drawn horizontally from your underarm in to intersect with a line drawn up from your nipple.
Hold these points until you feel pulses in your hands, heat in your fingers and your body relax. You will naturally take a deep breathe when it is working.

Then move your right hand to your Heart Chakra, and wait to feel pulses in both hands and your body relax.


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