Bam! I Was Hit By The Boomerang Effect!



I have been so relaxed, then these waves of anxiety got me last week accompanied by really dramatic and unrealistic fears that did not make sense.

It was so strange. I was perplexed.

Then, I found a letter I had written to myself last summer at Soul Camp. Each year, they have you write a letter to yourself and share some wisdom you gained there and don’t want to forget.

My letter was urging me to take the time to receive the goodnesses in life more and to do more of the things that fill me up, like the yoga, massages and connecting with quality friends that I soooo enjoyed doing at Soul Camp.

I was touched to tears reading this because I have been following those directives and carving out space to take better care of myself, that is why I think I felt this crazy anxiety!

Bam! Boomerang Effect!

It was like my central nervous system’s knee jerk reaction, saying, “Wait! Are you sure it’s totally safe to relax and to enjoy yourself so much? Shouldn’t you be watching to make sure the other shoe doesn’t drop?”

Boy do subconscious patterns die hard! So I did an energy session (I do practice what I preach), and I realized this was just an old pattern that needed some retraining. Got my chakras cleared of this old energy and held my neuro- vascular points on my head as I repeated what I really believe, but just had to tutor my subconscious to get—

“I can trust I am being guided and flowing into the next best actions.”



All my moves and big decisions have been guided; there have been undeniable signs; now I just need to relax and to trust.

So, it was synchronistic that I had dinner plans scheduled with the Soul Camp Creators, Ali and Michelle!

It was another sign to continue to follow my own advice from my Soul Camp letter a year before….

To not let my irrational fears and old patterns derail me from fulfillment.

To make filling up my cup by hanging around supportive, loving people like these soul sisters a priority.

And to continue to listen to my Highest Self’s Wisdom;)

Check out the giddy Livestream we did after dinner here!

And click here to find out more about the magic of Soul Camp! Join us at Soul Camp East or West, I’ll be at both, if you want to take some time to connect with yourself and to make some Soul centered connections;)

So much love and joy!


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