Frustrated Because Things Aren’t Happening Fast Enough?



Frustrated Because Things Aren’t Happening Fast Enough?

Frustrated because your plans aren’t taking shape fast enough?

The extra sunlight and explosion of plant growth in Spring creates a surge of energy or an itch to make something happen in your life. From a Chinese Element perspective, this is the season to take action and to make things happen; however Mercury Retrograde naturally halts the progress of just about everything. So, if you are feeling stuck and frustrated there is good reason; these naturally occurring energies are in direct opposition to one another right now. Don’t worry; it’s over soon; Mercury goes direct May 22nd.

The best way to handle it is to…

  • Calm yourself down when you are feeling overwhelmed with the easy and quick 3 minute exercise below.
  • Sit down and calmly make a list of the most intelligent next steps you can take and schedule them. ( Get your Metal Qualities to control your Wood tendencies. Metal chops Wood in the Chinese system, and planning is a metal activity that has a calming and balancing effect on over Wood energies )
  • Then, mentally and emotionally hand over your desires to your Higher Power, whether that be God, your angels or the Universe. Have some faith in the Universe’s ability to co-create with you. I will be sharing more on how to do this effectively in the blogs to come and the next Online Membership Class- How to Access Your Divine Power and the Guidance of Angels, Tuesday, June 7 from 7:30 – 8:30 PM

Getting anxious about what is not happening, just further halts the process.

So, keep calm; give it over, then carry on, LOL.

The Force IS with you.

Much calm and trust,



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