Mercury goes direct again



Mercury in Retrograde No More! – Mercury Goes Direct

I feel like singing, “Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! ”

While, Mercury in Retrograde is an astrological event, it sometimes feels like a curse. This particular one was a real doozer. It started wreaking havoc in people’s lives the week before it went into retrograde, during the Pre-Shadow Phase- May14-19 (Retrograde May 20-June 11th) and people started feeling some relief in the form of resolutions in it’s last week- June 8-11.

Toward the end, last week, my clients were all coming in very ungrounded. The energy/chi was frozen and not flowing from their feet to their hips. I couldn’t help but think it was an environmental/astrological cause, because this was occurring in just about every client.

If you have been feeling, fuzzy headed, ungrounded, off balance, just not as clear headed and effective of late, please try this grounding exercise. It will help you feel more grounded in your power during this astrological transition.

AND, if you are suffering from allergies, don’t forget this exercise for alleviating head pressure!

Much love, peace and relief,


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