Prioritizing Pleasure? by guest blogger Terri Cole



Prioritizing Pleasure? by guest blogger Terri Cole


You are really good at prioritizing work.

You are there when your family and friends need you.

But, what about you? What about your happiness?

What about your pleasure?

Shouldn’t you be having just a little more fun?

From food to sex to laughter, the human brain is wired to detect and crave pleasure; a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. Pleasure is what you felt the last time you sank into a warm bath or had an amazing orgasm. It is that deep sense of ease and expansion you feel when you allow yourself to simply do something for no other reason than because it makes you feel good or it’s fun.

Experiencing pleasure regularly is more impactful than a foot rub or a delicious meal may seem. It is actually an essential part of a healthy life that helps relieve stress and has the power to change your brain chemistry, improve your digestion and immune function.


A [wo]man without pleasure is a [wo]man without any idea what life is about.
– Michael Grant


Life without your pleasure as a priority is one of perpetual victimization and stagnation.” @mamagena via @Terri_Cole {CLICK TO TWEET}

So why aren’t you making time to do something that not only feels good but is also vital to your health and well being?

Did you know there is a whole host of factors that influence how you prioritize joy and whether or not you actively pursue it?

In my clinical therapy practice, many clients are more comfortable being in a state of dissatisfaction than joy. Your childhood family system and culture will provide the most information about your current relationship to joy and to pleasure.

If you want to be a fearless joy-seeker and allow contentment to be the rule rather than the exception, answering these questions is a good place to start:

  • How did your family regard the pursuit of joy or pleasure?
  • Was there value placed on what you enjoyed?
  • Was joy or pleasure-seeking encouraged or discouraged?
  • Did your family often laugh together?
  • What events or experiences were celebrated with joy?
  • Did your parents or caregivers enjoy their lives?
  • What was the emotional atmosphere in your home?
  • Was your home an open system, where friends were welcome?
  • Was your home a closed system, only for immediate family?

Your answers should provide you with a snapshot of how your pleasure paradigm was partially formed. This information will not magically bring more joy into your life, but all information is power. When you connect the dots backward to the original joy set point, you can choose to change your mind about pleasure and give yourself more!

You deserve to feel good and it’s so good for your health to feel pleasure!

So get to feeling good! And, do what pleasures you.

If not you, who?

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Terri and Lara

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