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  • Miracle Energizing Morning Routine
    This quick morning routine can help you calm any anticipatory anxieties about your day and give you both an energy and a mood boost in just 8 minutes!

  • 1 Minute Energy Boost
    This quickie stimulates your Stomach, Kidney, Thymus, Liver, and Spleen Meridians. These Meridians tend to be the most taxed by environmental toxins and stressors. Clients report this having an immediate impact, an increase in energy and decrease in stress tension.

  • Anywhere Stress Relief
    You can do this 1 minute stress relieving exercise anywhere, without anyone knowing! It’s an easy way to calm yourself down even at work! When you calm your body’s stress responses, you can think clearer and be more creative.

  • Natural Ambien Bedtime Routine
    Help your body fully relax before bed so that you can give it the time and the energy it needs to restore itself and wake up feeling rested for your next day.


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