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Thinking about working with me? Or checking out any of the programs or classes I’ve created?

Amazing! I know it would be helpful to know what others who have worked with me have said, so I created this page to share a few testimonials from a variety of experiences.

Below are thoughts from clients who have worked with me along with people who have taken various classes or programs. Following that are many links to media features, ranging from Fox News to NY1, HuffPost, Prevention.com, Bustle, and MindBodyGreen. Enjoy!

Coach to Coaches

As my business was rapidly growing, I found myself working all the time, feeling overwhelmed and drained.

Lara helped me take my life back by getting me in touch with what I wanted in my life and my business.
Lara helps me stay grounded, balanced and connected to my heart’s desires.

– Selena Soo,
Publicity and business strategist,

Creator of Impacting Millions



Lara pulled me and my body out of a debilitating migraine headache at a retreat where we were both teaching. Amazed, I went for another session, and she blew me away again by helping me uncover a deep desire and clear the fear that had been holding me back from realizing it.

– Alexandra Jamieson,

Wellness Expert, Author, TV Personality




Lara helped me avoid making a huge mistake with the direction of my business. By helping me understand my personality, strengths, and  interests, she helped me stay focused on building a business I enjoyed vs. following a path that had worked for others.  My business has grown exponentially as a result.

– Chris Winfield,
“The Super Connector” & creator of Unfair Advantage Live



Lara’s methods to move blocked energy through the body has proven to be one of the most beneficial ways I am able to support my clients.

The exercises have helped my clients embody a stronger sense of self while giving them a sustainable approach for anxiety reduction and trauma management.

– Kelli Matsoukas
Gestalt Therapist, LMSW & Jungian Psychoanalyst Candidate



Lara’s work wowed me the first time I experienced it and she healed a habitual transference reaction I had experienced with my sister many times over our lives together. After that experience with Lara, it never happened again.

With therapy, I can get people to a certain point and then sometimes, things are just stuck in the body. And that’s where Lara comes in.

Terri Cole, LCSW



I am a huge fan of the work that Lara does. Her presence at my live event was received with overwhelming enthusiasm. Her work is life enhancing and truly a gift to anyone who gets an opportunity to work with her. I had overwhelming positive feedback from participants that felt a positive shift after the tapping routine she did with the group.
 – Patricia Moreno, Founder, intenSatiLife LLC, and Sati Life

Class Graduates 

Lara brought together a powerful group of people that really cared and supported each other and our dreams. That made all the difference in the world – to feel like I had a community supporting my vision. It wasn’t just my own, you can’t do it alone, we have to do it together. On the days where I felt the least lovable, I was loved back into, um, wholeness, um, and that is the gift of this group. It still really moves me. Catherine Frels, Actress, NYC



In Lara’s class, I met some of the most amazing women, and I know that I’ll be friends with them for a lifetime. It was so comforting to know class was a place I could connect if I was tired or upset, share how I was feeling and know that by the time class ended, I would feel better with their support.

Joy Lynn Alegarbes




I have participated in Lara’s Vision Board class for the past three years.  It has become one of my New Year rituals. She approaches it differently than anyone else I’ve ever known, and it has consistently delivered surprising results.  This year, it helped me manifest a big career move where I surrounded by supportive, creative people.
Michelle Morgan, EVP, Client Partner, Advertising






I wanted to let you know that I am 5 months pregnant with a son and a puppy on the way.My Vision Board is coming to life!!!

Nadene Maresca, NYC




I approached the vision board workshop with top goals for the year and to-do lists like a typical Type A New Yorker. What unraveledduring the day and on my board was quite the opposite – a calm sense of  being  instead of  doing. Lara really has the magic touch! The questions she asked us and workshop part were valuable and meaningful. I highly recommend! 

Vicki L. Salemi, NYC



I am writing to encourage anyone who wants to improve their current situation to RUN to sign up for one of Lara’s classes. I signed after I had been downsized from my full-time job; my part-time job of real estate agent suddenly became my full-time job.  I was stuck in fearful emotions. By the end of the day, I could feel a shift in my own energy. Still skepticalI could continue to feel this way by myself at home, I took a leap of faith and followed her coaching throughout the rest of the course. I not only feel better about my situation; I now know how I can shift my feelings and my actions myself. Don’t hesitate to take this class whether you are looking for something new or want to improve what you have – Lara will teach you how to achieve your dreams!

Suzanne Jordan, New York



When I imagined what a vision board workshop would be like, I imagined that it would be a rather straight forward activity – gluing photos of things that I like on paper. But once Lara helped us to understand our vision boards on a deeper, more personal level, a beautiful sense of self-awareness and personal power began to develop. I experienced a stunning evolution of emotions starting out as skepticalmoving toward productive to stressed (only slightly) to accomplished and finally, deeply inspired. I remain in a place of inspiration…I highly recommend Lara’s vision board workshop!

Jillian Maslow, Visual artist and Custom Costume & Prop Designer, NYC




I wasn’t sure I could afford Lara’s class, because truly I had $7 in my account and I was barely getting by. I had just started a social media business and didn’t have the courage or experience in securing clients and payment. 

Lara was willing to take a chance on me and her work, and told me I could pay her when the money started coming in. After she helped me get over my fears and make my business work.


5 years later, I am thriving and it didn’t take me long to be able to pay for Lara’s classes! I still see Lara now as she continues to guides me through my blocks. 

I have a business that is thriving, with clients searching for me! My reputation and business growth have exceeded my expectations. I have been able to work from a place of abundance instead of lack. I work with celebrities, top chefs, restaurants and also small start ups and businesses that need guidance in marketing/social media and public relations! I am more confident than ever and that is with Lara’s help! 

Elisa Gorman, Social Media Expert, CT



Thanks to Lara’s Class, I have seen my life drastically change. In using the energy work and affirmations she provided, I have been able to increase my self -confidence and own my power as a performer as well as dramatically improve my relationships with my family.

The exercises helped me let go of my performance anxiety – I went from being hesitant to sing one line of a song in front of the class to feeling confident while auditioning several times a week! Lara helped me let go of the negative emotions which were making me feel like I needed to keep my distance from my family and set healthy boundaries with them. As a result, a whole new level of communication has opened up between us! Lara’s class has changed me and my life for the better. The benefits of taking this class are endless!

Amy McNabb, Actress, NY/LA



I came to Lara’s Class because I liked the idea of uncovering limiting beliefs, especially those that were unconscious. It’s  powerful to dig deeper to uncover the ways in which I’m getting in my own way. I also loved learning to self-test, assess where I was at in the moment, and write down what I wanted in all areas of my life. I now feel that I have a much greater ability to test myself, sense what I need, and practice exercises that help me gain greater self-awareness.
 – Yaritsa Arenas, Web Designer, NYC

One-on-One Clients

Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T) Sessions

When I found Lara, I was not walking, no longer working, and my physical and emotional state was in bad shape. Lara helped me stay positive while we rebuilt my body. With a clear mind, an open heart, and an energized body, I found my way back to the stage in Hair on the West End in London. There is no one like her who does what she does, and I am eternally grateful for her guidance!
Allison Case, Broadway, TV & Film Actress



A few years before the end of my major-league baseball career, I was diagnosed with a ruptured disk. Surgery was a success, but I never fully recovered. Pain was a constant factor and I had flexibility limitations that kept me from being able to bend at the waist. A decade of frustration was erased after just two sessions with Lara Riggio. The day after my first session, I woke up without pain for the first time in over twenty years. 

 – Terry “Tito” Landrum, Former St. Louis Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole, LA Dodger



Lara taught me how to speed up the healing process during cardiovascular rehab. She reduced the intensity of my cramps and helped me sleep through the night after the surgeries. She helped change my negative belief patterns associated with guilt and anger. Lara helped me reflect on the years of over-eating and address some emotionally challenging events that replayed unconsciously throughout my life. She taught me how to change the way I think about food and physical fitness. Lara taught me how to keep myself energized so I could return to work sooner and regain my life. With her patience, amazing skill, and talent, Lara has taught me how to live a happier, healthier life.
 – Linda Laundra, TV Director and Writer



I thought I didn’t have a choice but to have surgery, since I was no longer willing to live in pain. The morning of my second opinion I went to see Lara; she was able to quickly assess the muscular compensations and the emotional stress driving my pain. Just three sessions later, I was pain free, had my flexibility back, and had a new outlook and life direction as well!
 – JoAnn Gwynn, President Raven Events



Lara is a deeply caring person who will not quit until she has found just what works for you. Thanks to her tremendous knowledge of various techniques, I have found relief with injuries and physical limitations that keep me from doing the things I love to do. After wasting tons of time and money going to doctor after doctor without receiving much relief, I found Lara, who always gets to the root of the issue and fixes things quickly.
 – Tessa Keimes, Actress & Personal Trainer

One-on-One Clients

Energy Sessions 

I had been suffering daily with symptoms of avoidance, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and depression when Lara was recommended to me. All of my fears disappeared once we started working together. Lara’s calm, confident, supremely competent guidance, coupled with unmatched compassion, allowed me to walk away with effective coping skills that helped calm me down during panic attacks and other stressful situations.
 – Chad Althiser, Veteran in both Afghanistan and Iraq



I’ve worked in the alpha male banking world for 15 years. When I started out, I did my best to become ‘one of the boys’. Miserable and knowing that it wasn’t working for me – I was lucky enough to find Lara. Lara helped me to get in touch with and trust both my inner voice and feminine intuition. Changing my approach and following my instincts helped me connect dots, be more creative, and bring people together to create win-win solutions. I now see my feminine sensibilities are valued; they are an asset versus an impediment. 

 – Amy Aho, UK, Investment Banker 


Lara helped me discover and clear the underlying emotional cause of chronic sinus infections—the physical manifestation of unresolved grief from my parents’ passing. After years of suffering physically and emotionally, she solved my problem in just a few sessions!
 – Holly Getty, NYC VP of Fabric, Calvin Klein Platinum



Despite the fact that what Lara did seemed a little bit “out there” to me, I decided I had nothing to lose because my health was suffering and none of my many doctors could figure out how to help me.

After that session, I felt more confident about overcoming this issue, “in good hands,” with someone who really understood me holistically, in the hands of someone who could help me destress, if not help me get well. She did both.

I continue to do check-ins with Lara regularly for peace of mind and for getting de-stressed from the high stress life that I lead both professionally and as a person in the public eye.

No matter how stressful the issue, I leave Lara feeling calm and confident I can solve the problem at hand. She is a gift. I wouldn’t want to do all I do without Lara.
 – Rikki Kleiman, Legal Analyst for CBS News




Before working with Lara, I was frustrated and upset by the ups and downs of my business.


Situations which would have gotten to me in the past no longer phase me. Learning how to calm myself with her magical Essential Oil Exercises and transform unproductive narratives, she has helped me become a happier person and business owner all around.
 – Kate DuffCEO, Vizability




I felt uneasy, disconnected, frustrated, resentful, and angry about my family. These feelings were constantly running in the background and inhibiting my ability to be present in my life.


Not only was I able to move past the relations that haunted me, I discovered new family relationships that are loving, understanding, interesting and trustworthy. I am a happier man as a result.

John Bell reunited with his estranged uncle.
 – John Bell



Working with Lara has changed my life dramatically. I know that I am better able to handle whatever comes my way. Whenever a situation comes that throws me for a loop, instead of reacting, I take a breath and calm myself with one of Lara’s exercises. In five minutes; I’m grounded. And, I take action from that calm, centeredplace.

By doing that, day after day, my life is so much easier and more fun than it was two years ago, and I really credit Lara for this amazing change.
 – Nicola Kraus, Co-author Nanny Diaries, Brooklyn, NY


After suffering with insomnia induced fatigue for years, Lara was able to help me train my body to sleep through the night, increase my mental clarity, and feel energized enough during the day to study and start living my life again!

Kellie Zeigler, Student


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