Stuffy Head? Natural Allergy Relief Remedies That Work!

Spring is here, as is my stuffy head! My clients have all been coming in complaining about allergies complete with sinus pressure, watery, itchy eyes and even coughs and cold-like symptoms! No worries; Natural relief is here! The 3 easy exercises in the video have helped both me and my clients alleviate sinus pressure, irritating


How to Alleviate Anger and Frustration Immediately!

There is an energy brewing of which you need to be aware! If you are feeling more pressured to get things done or to make things happen (Now!) or feeling frustrated and angry when things aren’t happening as fast as you would like, you are already feeling the effects of the energy of Spring. As


How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy and People

Ever find yourself feeling down after hanging out with someone who has negative energy? Ever feel rattled and struggled to recover from an unpleasant exchange with someone on the street or a sudden loud noise? There is a quick, simple, and easy way to protect yourself and your energy so you can witness what is


Energy Hack! EFT Tapping to Overcome Overwhelm

I am fighting the good fight against overwhelm. My list of things to do is not only long but also bringing up uncertainty, which could easily have lead to halting anxiety and procrastination. Thanking my lucky stars for my EFT Tapping skills, as quick, little intervals, like the routine I share below, have helped me

lara riggio

Lara Riggio is an Energy Intuitive. Her videos, classes, and sessions have helped tens of thousands discover and heal the mind/body, ancestral, and past life blocks which sabotage health and happiness. She is based in New York City, and works out of her Central Park Energy Center in Columbus Circle.