How She Fell in Love While Social Distancing

As the Pandemic rolls on and we are facing more strict quarantine rules, these questions have been coming up for a lot of my single clients: How am I going to meet somebody in Quarantine? Is another year going to go by before I am able to date again? I hate online dating, is it


Are you addicted to certainty?

Feeling more anxious or worried lately not knowing how the next few months will pan out?Do you get thrown off emotionally, feel more anxious, agitated, or frustrated when your day doesn’t go as planned? Do you look at your phone first thing when you wake up? Do you feel the need to watch or read more than


11/11-11:11! Don’t miss this Powerful Manifesting Moment Today!

This is a powerful manifesting moment for us! 11/11-11:11! In numerology, repeating numbers are considered Master Numbers and thought to have a higher vibration. They are associated with connecting with your divinity and aligning with your highest self. “The number 11 is also our reminder that while we appear to be separate individuals, we are really


Energy Hack – Overcoming Election Stress

This may sound weird or out there to some of you, but I found this so mood lifting I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. For over a decade, I have been following, Esther Hicks, a channel of a group of spirit guides called Abraham who share teachings about The Law of Attraction. Abraha-Hicks Publications


Cosmic Energy Reset: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde since Tuesday and you may have been feeling the effects as early as last week.  Feeling more agitated than usual? Having trouble sleeping? Waking between 3-5am?  Finding yourself feeling more overwhelmed this week? If so, your central nervous system may be a bit overstimulated by the electromagnet shifts associated with this retrograde. 

lara riggio

Lara Riggio is an Energy Intuitive. Her videos, classes, and sessions have helped tens of thousands discover and heal the mind/body, ancestral, and past life blocks which sabotage health and happiness. She is based in New York City, and works out of her Central Park Energy Center in Columbus Circle.


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