11:11! Don’t miss this Powerful Manifesting Moment Today! 

This is your moment! November 11, 2018 (2 + 1 + 8 = 11) = 11,11,11! In numerology, repeating numbers are considered Master Numbers and thought to have a higher vibration that connect you to spirit guides, guardian angels, Universal Consciousness, Source, whatever Higher Power you acknowledge. The number 1 is the number of creation.


What You Can Do For Peace In The Wake Of Terrorism

Mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, gave us all words to live by in his interview with TODAY’s Willie Geist. “We take care of one another.” While he meant his community was taking care of the families most directly affected by this tragedy, I am going to extend this call to action to each and every one


Struggling with the Recent News? Hope Hack!

Finding the recent events in the news difficult to take? Getting angry when you watch the news or find yourself waking up feeling down about it all? I had been feeling so good coming from my spiritual retreat in Brazil, but found my peace of mind getting hijacked by anger when I came home and heard


How To Have Faith Even When The World Feels Crazy

Have Faith All my friends were looking at me asking me if I was OK. I just shook my head and shrugged my shoulders as I tried to hold in my sobs, so I wouldn’t be disruptive and call attention to myself. I was so embarrassed; all of a sudden I was crying uncontrollably and


How To Let Go And Let More Love and Joy In!

Want to lighten your load and make your life both happier and easier? It is a perfect time to let go of what you no longer need. There has been a shift in energy which you can use to better understand how to bring more love and joy into your life right now! The Fall

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Lara Riggio is an Energy Intuitive. Her videos, classes, and sessions have helped tens of thousands discover and heal the mind/body, ancestral, and past life blocks which sabotage health and happiness. She is based in New York City, and works out of her Central Park Energy Center in Columbus Circle.