Mindset Matters: Is Your Mindset Helping Or Hurting You



She started her day off with a bang; after waking she read an email informing her that there was a huge problem with her company’s largest account. Yikes!

She jumped onto the phone immediately and was stuck, still in her PJs, on the phone for hours, unable to get away until mid day. She was putting out fire after fire. 

The pressure continued to mount, as she felt powerless, trapped in horrible traffic. 

When she finally got into the office, she had to deal with an insubordinate employee. It felt like the world was against her.

By the end of her day, instead of feeling like the president of her company, she felt more like a victim of her circumstances, beat up from being tugged and pulled in so many different directions. 

She could have put her head down on her desk and cried, and she was grateful to have plans that night with some solid gal pals; she needed a serious pick-me-up.

When she walked into the restaurant, they were seated at a crowded bar, already having appetizers. She was emotionally drained and starving, and there was no place to sit down. Instead of jumping in to be with them, she felt pissed off and left out all at the same time. 

While she knew this wasn’t true, she felt like her whole life, even her friends were working against her. 

Ironically, one week later, she walked into a similar situation with those same friends, starving again with no seat for her at the bar, and her reaction was completely different. She was excited to see them, shared an appetizer with them, and had a fun time.

It was a similar scenario, but 2 very different reactions. How come?

Her day had comparably upsetting events the week before—-she had to fire another employee and handle a tough client situation, but it all happened with greater ease, because her mindset was totally different.

She had started her day with the calming, grounding exercise below and focused her energy on the way she wanted to feel. 

Like energy attracts like energy. 

Ever notice when you have a bad day, that it seems like one thing after the other keeps going wrong, and you are more annoyed and frustrated as the day goes on? 

The opposite is true too… When you feel good about yourself, things have a tendency to flow with greater ease. 

We can’t control what happens in our lives, but we can control how we manage our energy and make choices to support ourselves through challenging circumstances. 

And when you embody the energy you want to feel with the exercise below, you are able to attract more of that same desired energy. 

Even if stressful events occur, you will feel more empowered facing them. 

Let me show you how this works; it will take only a couple minutes.

Think of something that is bothering you. 

Example: My client was feeling drained and defeated by the lack of support she felt in her life. 

Now, think about how you might feel if the ideal solution were to take place? 

Example: My client wanted more support and fulfillment in her life. 

Little by little, with this exercise, you can shift your mood and then attract more of these same good feelings. 

The phrase my client repeated as she sat in this posture and took deep breaths was-

Little by little, I can feel more and more supported and fulfilled today.

Fill in how you would like to feel below:

“Little by little, I can feel more and more ______________________today.”

Now, go ahead and repeat this phrase in this calming, grounding posture. 

1. Cross one ankle over the other, right over left or vice versa, whatever feels more comfortable. 

2. Stretch your arms out in front of you with the backs of your hands facing one another. 

3. Cross your arms.

4. Clasp your hands together, and place them on your lap. 

5. Take a few deep breaths as you repeat your phrase about 5Xs. 

Then, see how you feel. How do you feel now thinking about that bothersome situation?

How does this posture work to help you calm and ground you ?

When you are in a stressed state, to conserve energy for potential fight or flight, your body sends energy to your most dominant brain side, right or left brain. 

When you sit in this crossed posture, with your legs, arms, and fingers crossed, you are stimulating bilateral brain function, thus overriding this unilateral brain stress response.

So, while it may seem initially unlikely to you that you could feel less stressed and more calm and empowered when you are in the throes of a stressful experience, you can physically calm yourself down with this posture. And as you repeat your statement, you can begin to embody the feelings you desire. 

It’s remarkable the effect this can have as you do this quick and easy exercise throughout your day. 

Embodying the feelings you want helps you feel more confident and attracts situations that support you continuing to feel these same feelings.

You can shift your energy and align your thoughts and feelings with what you want, circumstance by circumstance, and you can do it with your life’s vision as well. 

This same client has completely transformed her life over the last few years, and rather than feeling like a victim of her circumstances, she has been empowered to create a life she loves with way less headaches and lots more joy. 

In my Bring Your Vision To Life Course, we…

Help you create a heart, versus head, driven vision and align yourself with feeling the expansion your vision elicits on a daily basis with quick and easy exercises like the one I shared with you today.

You can find out more about the course here. 

And please try doing this quick and easy exercise throughout your day in the meantime.

Little by little, your life can start feeling better, more fulfilling and supportive starting right now. 

So much love, 


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