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I got overwhelmed and a little annoyed by all the emails I received last week about goal setting, resolutions, and the best ways to start your year off right!

It all felt like too much.

My thought – I am not quite ready for this. I need more time to figure out what I want, what my heart truly desires. 

I want to try stuff on, taste it, let it marinate in my mind and in my life for a little more time before committing to anything.

I don’t want to strive to complete a goal, I want to find a feeling, enjoy it, and explore it organically. 

Everything that has come relatively easily in my life has happened because I was following a feeling. 

When I discovered Energy Medicine, I felt intuitively drawn to study it and miraculously got a scholarship from a client who had benefited from the EM exercises I had shared with him to pay for my courses. 

When I wanted to move out of the city and have a home in the suburbs, we struggled to find the right houseuntil I focused on how I wanted to feel in our new home by making a vision board.

We wound up buying and moving into the home we toured two weeks later. 

It’s uncanny how many of the pictures on my board have come to life in my new life here.  

It’s crazy cool. 

Miraculous things happen when you follow your bliss and move from your heart versus your head. 

This was reiterated for me again while watching A Chef’s Table this past weekend. 

I just love this series because it gets into the heads and hearts of pure geniuses, world-renowned chefs who are the Mozarts’ of cooking.

Following his passion, Alain Passard, a 3 Star Michelin Chef, did the unthinkable, and it worked. 

First, a 3 Star Michelin Review in the restaurant world is epic – it’s a coveted honor only a little over 100 chefs in the world receive. 

Passard got his Michelin Stars perfecting what he calls ‘carnivorous cuisine’. 

So, when he took a break to get re-inspired and came back into his world renowned, meat-centric restaurant, serving an entirely vegetarian menu, many thought it would be his ruin. 

It could have been professional suicide. 

But, he kept his three stars 😉

He kept his stars and his reputation as an exceptional chef because of his desire to amuse himself with his creativity.

He followed his heart’s bliss. 

In the show, you see him enjoying every moment of his day… 

As he smells, then bites into a peach in one of his gardens, as his hands dance over the dough he is shaping, and as he grins wide with satisfaction tasting the new menu he created that same day at the end of his dinner service.

My only ambition is to love what I do more each day.

My gardens saved my life.”

Alain Passard

This is the most effective way to manifest. To feel into what you love is how to attract more of what you love.

Like energy attracts like energy. 

And this is what I invite you to focus on now, versus deciding on a goal.

What fills your heart with joy? What inspires you? What fills you up?

If this is the year you want to manifest something new in your career, ponder how you want to feel as you work? 

Maybe it’s more appreciated or valued? 

What in your life makes you feel appreciated and valued? 

If this is the year you want to be in a relationship, what makes you feel loved? What fills your heart with love?

This is how you will get your body, mind and spirit comfortable having what you desire and ultimately attract it for yourself this year.

And, for those of you who have been asking…. I am doing my Vision Board Class again. It’s going to start in February, after everyone has had a chance to rest and ponder what they really want. 

In the meantime, please think about what gives you energy and touches your heart. 

This is the first step to attracting what you want this year!

So much love and joy,


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