An Exercise To Help You Benefit From The Energy Of The Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 



There was a Lunar Eclipse yesterday which is bringing some…

wobbly energy that can unsettle our spirit and stir our emotions.”

Eclipses have a tendency to bring situations into our lives that help us evolve, AKA, upsets that cause access to growth. 

With Pluto active during this eclipse, we may experience power struggles in our own lives or in the world around us.” 

It’s upsetting to see the power struggles playing out in the world right now. 

And there is growth in looking at how you can claim your personal power at this time. 

We can’t control what happens in the world, and sometimes in our own lives, but we can be more mindful about how we react. 

There is stability in resiliency. 

You are more powerful than you know. 

Within you, you have energy centers called chakras, which can connect you to unlimited wisdom, guidance, abundance, and creativity. 

Also within your chakras is your history, what you perceive is possible based on your past – your fears and limitations. 

The Wisdom within your chakras knows you are capable of just about anything, yet your learned beliefs limit you in an effort to keep you safe.

Clearing past energies which no longer serve you from your chakras frees you from fear driven limitations, while…

Connecting to the wisdom in each chakra helps you upgrade your perspective of what is possible for you in your life.

So if you have been feeling intense emotions over the last week or have found yourself feeling powerless, bullied, or so angry you have felt you need to dominate…

I invite you to take the time to ask yourself these questions:

Where am I feeling these intense emotions or tension in my body? 

Which chakra center?

Root: Over pubic bone

Second: Under belly button

Solar Plexus: Above belly button 

Heart: Center of your chest

Throat: Over Adam’s Apple

Third Eye: Center of forehead 

Crown: Top of head 

Lay down and place one hand on your forehead with the other hand on the chakra where you feel this tension or emotion. 

Place pillows under your elbows, so you can relax in this position. 

What might these feelings be telling me I need right now? 

Take deep slow breaths as you rest in this position, repeat this phrase and see what comes to you… 

I breathe as I feel these feelings and allow them to show me what I need right now. 

Give yourself 5-10 minutes to meditate on this phrase. 

Allow your feelings to show you the support you need to grow with greater ease. 

You are creative and resilient.

Please be mindful, rest, and take care of your energy. Your power and stability lie within you. 

Next week, on November 7th at 5-6:30pm EST, I am doing a special Workshop.

How To Find Stability And Feel Guided Even When The World Is In Turmoil

In this Workshop, we will be…….

  • Discussing strategies for staying informed while avoiding being triggered.
  • Doing an exercise to release debilitating feelings of fear, outrage, sadness or upset about recent world events working with your chakras.
  • Reprogram limiting beliefs and restricting perspectives that prevent you from being your best self even in times of stress.
  • Doing interactive exercises do help you embody the strength, wisdom, connection and guidance available to you within your chakras.

I am looking forward to showing you just how powerful you are! 

You can sign up here. 

So much love, 



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