Mastering Mercury Retrograde



While the Aries New Moon Eclipse last week may have stirred your desire to take action, with Mercury Retrograde, I invite you to slow down, zoom out, and tap into your inner wisdom before you…

  • Commit to anything
  • Speak or write back
  • Move projects forward 
  • Make plans
  • Sign any contracts 

Give yourself more space and time to…

1. Be sure all your choices are in alignment with your heart.
When contemplating any decision, let your body be your guide. Check-in with it—Scan your throat, neck, stomach, and back for tightness. If your throat feels constricted, this may be your body’s way of telling you that you may not be expressing something important. If your stomach or gut feels tense, you may not be honoring something you want by making this decision. 

Rushing into something that doesn’t feel right to avoid pressure or conflict may cause bigger problems later, especially during Mercury Retrograde.

You can easily give yourself more time to decide by saying, “I will get back to you tomorrow or next week about this” (whenever it’s convenient for you).

You can politely decline by…

  1. Showing appreciation for the other’s point of view or effort.
  2. Declining the offer.
  3. Giving appreciation, encouragement, or support.

“Awe! I am so honored you asked. I am unable to make it. Sounds like such a good time— have a blast! Can’t wait to hear about it!”

2. Be clear on what you want to say and convey it with consideration and grace.
During this time, communication tends to go awry. Take the extra time to be clear, reiterate, follow up, and don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t hear back from someone. Be aware that others may be more frustrated than usual, so give yourself some time to think through your responses and see where another person is coming from before you react. Think about what actions and words best convey what you want from a big-picture standpoint versus what you feel in the moment. How could you inspire and enroll another in what you see ideally happening in the future? Speak from your heart with love instead of lack.

Mental clarity tends to be challenged during Mercury Retrograde. So making lists and organizing your thoughts by writing them down somewhere can take pressure off the need to remember it all. Backing up files will save you a lot of grief if Mercury affects your technology. Also, think about what systems could make your life easier with technology. Automated deadline and appointment reminders are easy to set up and can save scheduling errors and mishaps, especially during this retrograde period. 

4. Ponder how to get places with greater ease and less time pressure.
This may mean scheduling less or meeting people virtually instead of in person. Set aside extra time for any travel. This retrograde is known for travel delays of all kinds. By doing less, you will have more. Poise yourself for peace.

5. Give yourself the time and space to see how any upset might help you change your life for the better.
If anything goes wrong, instead of asking, “Why is this happening to me?”  Ask, “Why is this happening for me?” instead. Discomfort motivates change. So let any upset be access to finding a new better way forward;)

To help you more easily manage this Mercury Retrograde and the growth it may spur for you, I am hosting a free Masterclass on Wednesday, April 26th at 5:00pm EST…

Breaking the Cycle: Overcoming Emotional Triggers and Reacting with Maturity

In this free Masterclass we will discuss:

  • What emotional maturity is and why it doesn’t come naturally or easily to everyone.
  • How emotional immaturity can affect you both physically and emotionally, leaving you feeling stuck in your life.
  • 3 Childhood scenarios that prevent emotional growth and maturity from happening.
  • And do a quick and easy exercise to ground you in your power when you feel emotionally vulnerable or reactive so you are able to make mature decisions that support you and your goals.

Slowing down and giving more consideration to…

  • What you want
  • How you communicate 
  • How you manage your time 
  • How you organize your life

…could change it for the better.

Cheers to more time, less pressure, and honoring your heart and your humanity!

Much love and peace,


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  1. Thanks Lara, I am looking forward to it.
    Peace Patricia

    1. <3 <3 <3

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