The September Equinox–Time To Balance Where You Are Putting Your Energy



Seven years ago Sunday, my mom crossed over into spirit. 

On one of her last lucid days, I asked if she had any words of wisdom she wanted to share. 

She pointed to the pictures of her granddaughters and said, “You have to let people be who they are.”

As we experience the shift in energy present today during The September Equinox, I invite you to look at where you are directing your own energy.

Libra Season begins on September 22-23, 2022, the same day as the Equinox. Reaching the halfway mark on our trip around the zodiac makes it the perfect time to check in with ourselves and the direction of our lives.

Do we like how we are spending our time? Do we feel that our day-to-day routine is in balance with who we are and who we want to be?

Libra is represented by the scales, and its energy inspires us to create a sense of balance in our own lives.
Under the Libra Sun, we are all called to balance our energy levels, our inner world with our outer world, and the flow of giving and receiving.

Libra is the sign that also represents the self in the other, that is, the self that we show up as in the many relationships we keep.

This makes Libra Season a good time to also reflect on the relationships in our lives and what they may be bringing out or up for us.

Without being conscious of it, we often treat ourselves the way we were treated in our formative relationships with our parents.

So, I ask you…

Are you being who you truly are and making choices aligned with your own heart? 

Or are you reacting to others and patterns from your past? 

What are you doing in your life that you may not want to be doing, to please others? 

What did you need to do in your family in order to stay in their good graces? 

Maybe your family values productivity, so you don’t feel good about yourself unless you cross everything off your to-do list.

Maybe your family valued cleanliness, and you won’t rest until the dishes in the sink are cleaned and put away. 

How many of your desires or even needs have you subjugated to live up to someone else’s values or standards?

While my mom always encouraged me to do what I loved and to be who I was in that way, she also wasn’t so good about managing her own emotions.

I learned to focus on soothing her and the people close to me in my life before myself.

Taking care of everyone else before myself was one of the contributing factors to having chronic fatigue and also why I put off having a baby for so long. 

I couldn’t imagine taking care of a child when I had a hard time taking care of myself. 

It took years of doing energy work and feeling it’s positive effects to begin to know what I needed to feel good.

Today, as there is an even balance between night and day…

This is an invitation to look at, weigh out…

How much of your energy is spent taking care of yourself versus doing for others? 

If you are tired, the to-do list and dishes can wait. 

When you consistently subjugate your needs and desires, you cannot be your best self. 

You cannot be fully who you are if you don’t take care of yourself and your dreams. 

So, right now, place your hand on your heart, and ask yourself what you want.

It’s time to tip the scales and give yourself more energy and attention than you are giving out. 

Maybe set a reminder on your phone, and ask yourself three times a day, “What do I want or need right now?”

If anything goes wrong, ask yourself what you need to feel supported as you face this challenge.

Your heart always knows the best way forward. ❤️

Much love,


3 Replies to “The September Equinox–Time To Balance Where You Are Putting Your Energy”

  1. Beautiful Lara, thank you

  2. Lara, this is so perfect for me right now. My husband’s issues are triggering him and consequently me as well. He and I have always been pleasers and my speaking up to others in my defense when my boundaries are crossed is upsetting him. I feel that he is trying to censor me. I have tried to explain that I have spent years trying to overcome my mother’s control and that it hurts me when he tries to do the same thing. I love him dearly but I will not let this stop my progress. Thanks so much for all you wrote. It is very validating.

    1. I’m so glad this was helpful for you! Good for you for keeping your boundaries. 🙂

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