Energy Up Level, How to Get Practical With the Magical Energy of this New Taurus Moon



The May Taurus New Moon (May 11/12) is a chance to ground our energy, to recharge our batteries, and to welcome the creative energies of change. (Which are likely to come with the ultra-potent, Full Blood Moon Eclipse in May 26th.

It is our opportunity to go within and listen to the quiet, still voice of our heart. It is our opportunity to trust the wisdom and intuition of our own body. It is also a time to welcome the (more feminine) creative, wavy currents of energy that allow us to evolve and embrace any change with grace and ease.

Welcome these energies in any way that fits. Know you are being supported to both ground yourself and move with the flow.

As I read this, I thought, flow sounds good, but what does this mean? 

How do you ground and “move with flow?” 

Let’s step into the energy of this.

What grounds you?

For me…

  • Energy work,
  • Eating proper, healthy meals focused on tasting and enjoying each bite without multitasking, 
  • Taking 10 minutes to have a favorite cup of tea and day dream, 
  • Yoga, 
  • Walking in the park.

All these activities help calm my mind and feel more settled in my body. 

A lot of these things can be done quickly or be luxuriated in:

  • Do one energy exercise or an entire routine.
  • Walk for 10 minutes or stroll for an hour.
  • Pop on the floor and do a favorite chest opener yoga pose or spend 20 minutes doing an entire flow series.

It doesn’t have to take a ton of time to get a huge energetic benefit. 

Small doses of grounding throughout your day are a way you can keep calm and carry on. 

And there is the flow.

Flow is ease with some grace. 

What makes my life flow easier is giving myself what I need and what I want. 

What does your body need each day to feel it’s best?

For me it’s the grounding activities I shared above and seven hours of sleep!

How about you?

What kind of fuel do you put in your tank to help your body get up and go?

You would never go on a road trip without putting gas in your tank, right? Taking the time to give yourself energy and inspiration is your fuel for high performance living 😉 

Joy is soooooo energy giving! 

So, what could you give yourself each day that provides you with more joy and inspiration?

This is how you stimulate grace. 

Want some ideas? 

And, again, all these can be done in minimal time.

  • Playing with animals, your pup, kitty, or watching them on live puppy feeds.
  • Playing with your kids.
  • Talking and connecting with friends
  • Hugs–4 a day for health and more for joy. Giving them is also receiving them 😉 
  • Watching inspiring TV–Chef’s Table, Biographies, Documentaries
  • Bike rides
  • Dancing or strutting to your favorite song!
  • Reading poetry
  • Listening to podcasts or TedTalks
  • Painting 

Well? Do share! What lights you up?

In a full heart there is room for everything, and in an empty heart there is room for nothing.

Antonio Porchia

Wishing you a full and happy heart this Taurus New Moon!

So much love, 


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