Energy Forecast: How to Best Use the Energy Present in Taurus Season and During this Scorpio Super Full Moon



Taurus Season began a week ago on April 19/20th and with it, comes new energy. 

The pressured, fast pace that has been pushing us to move things forward in our lives is succeeding to a slower, more grounded state of being. 

Thank you, Universe!

I, for one, am grateful for this shift. It was so nice this past week to feel like I could regroup and re-establish how I want to focus my energy.

It’s time to catch your breath and to find stability in consistency. But, you might want to reconsider what consistently feels good and works for you. 

What gives you energy?

What takes it away?

Uranus has a big presence through this Taurus season and it also is affecting the energy present during the Scorpio Super Full Moon tonight.

While Uranus is all about change, growth, and awakening, Taurus is all about consistency, security, and stability. Uranus longs for change, whereas Taurus longs for things to stay the same.

These two energies are not exactly the perfect match, so there may be a push-pull feeling, and you may find it difficult to make or accept certain changes.

The ways that you seek stability and comfort are also going to be up for review under this energy. You may also find that what you once thought was secure and stable is no longer.

In fact, under this energy you may have to rework and reassess what makes you feel secure and stable. You may also have to let go and release attachments to things that once brought you comfort.

This Full Moon is likely to amplify any discord between your heart’s desires and the way you are living your life.

So, it’s time to get your lifestyle aligned with your heart.

If you have recently, or if you experience an upset this week, see if you can acknowledge how you feel, and what your feelings are telling you to do differently. 

Full Moons have a way of drawing things out of us. Their magic is that they can bring things to the surface, uncover hidden wounds, and stir emotions we didn’t even know we had. Because of this, Full Moons can be considered powerful portals for release work.

A lot has changed this past year and what used to serve you and feel good may be outdated now.

So many of us used to have a completely different routine. You may have found security in doing similar things every week which now don’t exist.

Change is possible!

And you get to choose what you want to change!

So with all this being said, I invite you to ponder: 

  • What daily occurrences in your life do you find intolerable? 
  • What are you doing consistently that no longer serves you? 
  • What gives you energy and inspiration? 

How can you incorporate these things into your life on a daily or weekly basis? 

While our current future holds uncertainties, we can ground ourselves in what helps us feel secure and what gives us energy and inspiration. 

To help you get present to your power to make choices which give you both stability AND freedom, try The Full Moon Chakra Clearing below.

Then, I suggest downloading my Self-Care Worksheet.

Meaningful self-care gives you energy and inspiration. 

You would never go on a road trip without putting gas in your tank, right? Taking the time to give yourself energy and inspiration is like putting the gas you need in you to perform at your best, and to be happiest doing it 😉 

In the Self-Care Worksheet, you can determine what types of self-care fill your tank and give you the energy to live your best life.

So much love! 


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