How to Access the Power of Your Highest Self When You Have A Crisis of Confidence



Can you remember a time when you felt really masterful and in your power? 

That moment when you felt totally in flow with your creativity and genius? 

In that moment you were accessing the best parts of yourself, your highest self. 

Within our chakras, we hold memories of experiences from our past. These memories help us keep ourselves safe and avoid mistakes in our future.

The information in our chakras helps protect us from repeating previous traumas. 

It helps us survive, but not necessarily thrive.

While you learned the useful truth that stoves are hot and not to be touched, you also may have learned that getting your needs met is determined by mom or dad’s mood, causing you to make other people’s needs and requests a priority over your own self-care. 

If you got a severe reprimanding for making a mistake as a child, you may have trouble trusting yourself, causing unneeded self-doubt. 

Please recognize, in any moment of self-doubt, that what you are feeling is programming from your past, not the true you.

In your history, you have also experienced moments like the one I mentioned in the beginning of this blog, where you have felt masterful and genius.

That–is who you truly are.

To help you more frequently embody this highest sense of yourself, I invite you to experience the chakra wisdom practice below. 

It is designed to draw out each chakra’s wisdom. 

The wise parts of you knows taking care of yourself enables you to be your best self for others. 

The wise parts of you knows that you have learned a lot of lessons and are a better person for it. 

We all have made mistakes, they do not define who you are.

The true you is a genius. 

You have the power to open minds and touch hearts.

You deserve the best that life has to offer.

And, recognizing this within yourself is knowing and embodying your highest self 😉 

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14 Replies to “How to Access the Power of Your Highest Self When You Have A Crisis of Confidence”

  1. Thank you so much Lara. I was able to sit in my favorite chair within view and in the light of that full moon to work on the chakra wisdom practice. I feel so much better now. I do have those occasional periods of self doubt where I question the path that I’m on. This helped me feel much more grounded and secure in myself and my path in life.

    1. So glad this could help!

  2. Hooooooooo Goooonesssss!
    How I needed this ! I’m right in the middle of a personal crisis. Loss of job because of injury and side conditions developped because of the injury and chronic pain.
    I hope this exercise will become part of your library hack ! I will be using this daily (and probably more than one a day) for the forseeable future.
    I have a fight on my hands and I’m not going down without making waves!
    This is SO timely !
    THANK YOU Lara!

    1. So glad it could help, Solange! Sorry to hear you’re going through all this.

  3. This is great Lara, thank you
    Rania x

    1. You’re welcome!

  4. Thank you as always for this amazing energy work!

    1. You’re welcome, Susan!

  5. This was great!!! Thank you. what a beautiful integration tool. So helpful.

    1. So glad it could help, Heather!

  6. Jacky Humphries says: Reply

    Thank you so much for this!!!! It was heaven sent. Having being unemployed for 18 months now I have been so stressed that I am having another Fibromyalgia flareup! What a difference now!!! WOW

    1. So happy it could help you, Jacky!

  7. I’ve done this a couple times now and really appreciate the ease and flow I feel afterwards. I second Solange’s request to add it to the library.

    Thank you! Blessings!

    1. So happy it could help you, Emilee! And Thank you for the suggestion of adding it to the library!

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