One of Three Big Lessons I Learned from Covid: How To Listen To Your Gut and Intuition



As we prepared to visit relatives over Thanksgiving, I had a gut feeling, it wasn’t the right thing to do. I was stressed when I thought about it and having trouble sleeping. While everyone involved assured me of their quarantine protocols, which all sounded safe, I still had a bad feeling.

It turned out to be a beautiful holiday together, James’s cousins got to meet him for the first time, and Joe’s dad thanked us all for making the effort to be together. 

The next morning, my husband woke up sick. I sent him to get tested, and sure enough, it was Covid. 

The next two weeks were the toughest of my life. 

I wished I had listened to my gut. 

I got signs and signals to change course, but I overrode them because I didn’t want to disappoint the family. 

In the end, much more suffering, anxiety, and disappointment was caused by ignoring my intuition. 

After being very sick for two weeks, Joe is thankfully better. His parents, who also tested positive, luckily had a mild case and are thankfully also feeling better. We are grateful the only lingering symptom they have is fatigue. 

Four weeks after Joe’s diagnosis, I too am feeling exhausted from being in a heightened fear state. My hands are still raw from cleaning like our lives depended on it. 

With the uncertainty surrounding this virus, it is more important than ever to pay close attention to your gut reactions and intuition right now.

One of my clients who is a Physical Therapist and sees clients in their homes, walked into a session with a patient who had an unusual cough she was blaming on allergies. My client’s gut instincts kicked in and she felt uneasy, despite her patient’s assurances. She made the choice to simply check vitals versus doing an entire session, and spent a limited amount of time with her patient to curtail her risk. Sure enough, that patient tested positive for Covid two days later.

Paying attention to her gut reaction paid off.

Your gut reactions and intuition are informed by energetic information you don’t have the capacity to fully comprehend cognitively.

See, energetically you are picking up more information than you know. You don’t just look at a situation; you smell it, listen to it, and feel the emotional energy present in it.

Your auric field and chakras facilitate you picking up information not just from other people present in a scenario but also from The Collective Conscious.Then all this information gets processed in a split second via your Limbic system which compares what is happening in the moment to other dangerous situations you have experienced in your past and your body gives you a signal based on your previous life experiences and that processing.

Your lifetime of experiences combined with information from the collective is more data than your brain could comprehend, and it is what gets factored into your gut or intuitive decisions.

I share this so you can begin to understand the wisdom, guidance, and protection present inside yourself.

The re-occurring lesson this pandemic has brought is to look within for your answers.

So, I invite you to start paying more attention to what your gut, intuition, and your heart are telling you feels safe and fulfilling as we move through the holidays.This holiday is definitely going to be different than any other for most people.

And for once, I am actually looking forward to having it be a quiet, intimate holiday with no travel and less pressure.

I LOVE Christmas and have been passionate about keeping family traditions alive, but after this crazy year, I am looking forward to doing what feels right in this moment.

So I ask you…

What would make you feel safe and secure?

What does your body want this holiday?

Mine is calling for rest, movies and maybe fresh baked cookies!

What would satisfy your heart under these circumstances?

I am excited to play with the new toys I got both James and our pup! And, I will be scheduling Zoom calls with my family and friends over the week between Christmas and New Years to connect. Since the pandemic, I have actually had more meaningful connection online with some of my family than before. Since we haven’t been able to gather in person, we have made it a point to talk more frequently.

You get to create whatever you want this year!

Maybe you order whatever your favorite foods are and have a buffet of foodie pleasures!

Maybe you try a new recipe!

Maybe you do an art project or Vision Board!

Maybe you watch your favorite holiday movies! Or just your favorite movies!

Maybe you curl up with a great book!

Whatever it may be, take the time to feel into what would be fulfilling for you!

This is the year you can gift yourself your own attention, warmth, and care like never before.

Would love to hear what you are doing–send me a reply and let me know!

So much love, yummy goodies and coziness to you!


And stay tuned, in the next blog, I am excited to share the other two big lessons I learned–How Moving Your Energy Can Help You Stay Healthy and How Faith Can Help You Through Any Stressful Time.


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