How To Clear Anxiety and Uncertainty and Make Decisions with Greater Clarity



She had been having stomach problems all week. So, in our session, my mind immediately jumped to asking my client the question, “What are you having trouble trusting about life?”

In Chinese Medicine, the emotional theme of the Stomach Meridian is having the ability to trust the process of life versus worry about outcomes.

Hmmm.” she said, “Well, we have to figure out if we are sending the kids back to school or not. All these questions are constantly rolling through my head:
Is it safe?

If I don’t, how will I manage teaching them and everything else I have to do?

Will they get behind?

Will my kids be the only ones staying home? 

Will they have trouble re-engaging with their friends when they go back if they are the only kids away?

I want to keep our family safe, but am I being overly cautious and causing more problems keeping them home?”

Many of my clients have been seeking help with indecision and uncertainty over the last two weeks. I heard questions like these repetitively….

A couple clients who were away staying with family in other states asked…
“Is it safe to come back to NYC?”

Is it safe to take the train?

Is it safe to get a haircut so I look presentable for this important job interview?

I myself was wondering…
Is it safe to have my dad come visit his new grandson?

If you have been stressed about making decisions like these, you are not alone. We are living in an extraordinary time right now in which it is challenging to discern what is right for you and your family. Different opinions about what is safe and what is not are consistently being presented by experts in the news. It is confusing.

It’s natural to feel anxious. To help you make decisions that feel right for you:

  1. Notice any stress or anxiety about this choice and realize what it is telling you. If you are anxious, something is not right. Something needs to change in order for you to feel comfortable. The exercise below allows you to feel into your stress about any decision and release it from the body, so you are better able to effectively take the next steps.
  2. Separate the facts from opinions. Research what has worked and what hasn’t in the world and in your own life. Take into consideration what you know to be true from your own life experience and from world data verses the opinions of others. 
  3. Tap into your body, feel into your heart and ask yourself what feels right for you.

Ultimately it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves, because no one knows better than you how you feel or what is most important to you and your family.

The exercise in the video below can be used to help get clear and grounded in the face of any tough decision.

In the case of any choice involving Covid-19, connect your head to your heart and feel into the answers to this question:

What are my requirements for feeling safe?

At the end of the video, I show you how to formulate a “Yes or No” question and see your body’s response to questions like—

“It would feel healthy to ….”

You can test different scenarios and choices this way to make sure they feel right with this exercise. 


– Rumi

Real life case in point
My husband and I very much want my dad to meet his new grandson, and since my father has been responsible about social distancing and only leaving his home for necessary doctor’s appointments and grocery trips, it felt safe to have him come visit if he drove instead of taking public transport. 

Then I found out a week before he was going to come that he had been at my brother’s home and exposed to my sister-in-law who has gone back to work and seeing physical therapy patients three days a week. While she wears good PPE, there is no way to know if she has been exposed to someone who is a carrier of the virus. 

My stomach flipped and anxiety began to mount in my gut. My body’s reaction to this news told me, our trip would have to be pushed back. I tapped (like I show in the video to calm anxiety) as I asked my sister-in-law a series of questions. Then I looked up the exact incubation/infectious period after exposure, 1-14 days. Looking at the calendar, we could easily move his visit a week forward and be past his 14 day period. My body automatically exhaled, signifying relief. This felt more comfortable. So, I called my dad and heard the relief in his voice when I proposed moving the date of our weekend together. He was relieved to have a weekend in between his two trips to rest, and I felt better about the timing for Covid safety reasons.

For my client struggling with the question about schooling in the fall, after we tapped the Stomach Points (Emotional Themes: Worry/Trusting Life) along with both the Triple Warmer (Fear/Safety) and Pericardium (Neglecting/Protecting Heart’s Needs) she felt clear and confident about her decision to home school her kids at least for the first semester. After she let go of her fear with the exercise I show you in the video below, she was able to understand her heart’s desire was to assure her kids safety at home.

Think about it, when you act on your heart’s desires and do what you feel is right for you, you are less likely to regret your decision in the future.

“It’s safe to honor and follow my heart. When I listen to my heart’s wisdom, I can trust myself and my life.”

Like my client you most likely know inside what you want to do and what feels right for you, but doubt could be creeping in and hindering your ability to feel grounded in what you want. 

Anytime you hear yourself wondering what you “should” do, this is a sign that what you want may be in conflict with pressure you are feeling from the outside world.

The other system that needed attention that session was my client’s third chakra which embodies your identity and how you see yourself in relationship to society. This is where who you are and what you want can be in conflict with what you think you “should” be doing.

My client’s worry about her kids being “behind” or “being the only ones out of class” was alleviated after we cleared the third chakra. 

There are both meridian and chakra clearing exercises in the video below, and you can download the free resource by clicking here which includes instructions you can save in the notes section of your phone to use whenever you need help making any tough decision.

Please share this link with anyone you think could benefit from

I hope this helps you make any decision with confidence, from your heart’s wisdom. If you make a decision based on stress or pressure from others, you may always second-guess your choice. 

Follow your heart, it always knows the best way 😉 



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  1. So beautiful and helpful Lara. I felt a big drop in stress in my body. Feeling calmer and more trusting. Thank you! ❤️

  2. Love this! Awesome resource, thank you Lara!

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