Are you Codependent?



This really resonated with me, especially now, being a mom. 

My pal and brilliant psychotherapist, Terri Cole, sent an email out today asking these important questions:

“How do we know if we are loving someone in a codependent way? 

When we love someone, whether it’s a partner, a parent, our child, a sibling, or a friend, shouldn’t we do everything in our power to move heaven and earth for them? 

Shouldn’t we put the people we love first always?
Isn’t that what love means? Isn’t that just being a good person?

Not necessarily.”

The biggest lesson I am learning right now as a new mom has surprised me. 

Giving Baby James what he needs is a given. He lets us know when he needs something and there is no peace until he gets it, LOL. Once he eats, burps, gets his diaper changed, and falls to sleep, I am asking myself this question over and over again:

 “What do I need now?” 

I have been way more focused on taking care of myself then I ever would have been years ago before I healed my own co-dependency tendencies. 

My pal Terri was the first to make me aware of some of my codependent habits years ago. 

We were getting ice cream; she paid, and as I was getting out my wallet to pay her back, she said, “It’s my pleasure; can’t you just receive this and say, Thank you?” 

Over the years, we have been friends, she has made me aware of the ways I was practicing codependency. My life and relationships have improved as a result of becoming aware of these patterns and making healthier choices which included being able to receive generosity and help.

Knowing the signs was the first step. And, I am grateful today for all her impromptu coaching on this topic. I am able to be a much more balanced mom as a result. 

Love and codependency can often feel a LOT alike…but, the truth is, they’re actually really different.

I highly recommend this video where she and Mark Groves, another amazing relationship expert, share:

  • How to know if you are codependent. 
  • The symptoms of being codependent. 
  • The red flags that might point to codependency in your behavior patterns. 

They have created a very affordable course on this subject that I recommend as well. This awareness and healing has changed my life for the better, and it’s vital to having healthy relationships.

Check it out here. I believe the course closes in a day, so if this resonates with you, check it out today. My apologies for not getting this to you sooner, I have been in a bit of a baby zone. But, this really caught my attention, if it is speaking to you, check it out now.

So much love! 


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