How to Use What Matters to You to Create More Ease, Productivity, and Flow in Your Life



The word productivity usually brings up stress for me, because it generally connotes some judgement and change–what’s not working and how can I make it better? While I find this quandary often helpful, I have a resistance to it because change takes extra energy.

But, what if it didn’t?

What if becoming more efficient and productive actually made your work and life more pleasurable and easy?!

This is exactly what I chatted about with Paula Rizzo, former TV Producer and the author of Listful Living, a way to List and Journal Your Way to Balance, Self-Discovery, and Self-Care.

Wait! Making lists could help me do all this?

Check out our conversation in the interview below. Paula shares some gems that have changed my life like:

~How to Marie Kondo, thank and let go of, the people and things that you may not even know are draining your energy.

~How to determine your personal priorities and let them guide your decisions about how to use your time.

~A practical way to benefit from self-care- How to determine what to give yourself to make work easier and more enjoyable.

~How self-compassion can fuel productivity!

May the ease and flow I have found from this conversation and book be yours too! You can order this unassuming wonder HERE.

I HIGHLY suggest ordering the hard copy of the book, because actually writing my lists in it was super fun for me! I rarely read books like this because I find them arduous and preachy–I just had to share this with you because it was FUN and SATISFYING to LIST my way through it! 



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