Why Your Resolutions Haven’t Worked and How How to Set Powerful Intentions That Manifest for You



Over the holiday, a gal in my teacher training course shared an incredible manifestation of her intentions.

At the beginning of our class, I had everyone set intentions they wanted to manifest in their lives, so they could all live the process that they would be teaching their own clients in the future.

She had set some intentions around paying off credit card debt and was focusing on getting more comfortable with the action of receiving from people. She is a big doer and giver, so actually feeling comfortable receiving had been challenging for her. 

If you are a person who has ever rejected a compliment when someone has said, “You look beautiful!” And replied, “Oh, it’s just this dress.” Or if you always fight over paying the check if someone wants to treat you to a meal, or if you always feel you have to give something to someone if they give something to you…

Getting more comfortable receiving might be something you could focus on to bring more abundance into your own life this year 😉 

Back to the story–that gal from my class had her intentions manifested in an extraordinary way over the holiday! A family member gifted her a check to pay off her 50k student loan in full!

This is a beautiful example of how setting powerful intentions can work wonders! When you set an intention that gets you excited about it manifesting because it is based on feelings, not words, you are using principles inherent in The Law of Attraction, and it just works!

Here’s how:

The Law of Attraction does work, what you believe, you manifest; however, you must believe what you want is possible with every ounce of your being, and this is both the answer and the problem for most. 

“Who we are in the present includes who we were in the past.”

— Life’s Journeys According to Mister Rogers 

What you believe is possible is based on what you know to be true from your past. If you haven’t manifested what you want yet, it is because on a conscious or unconscious level, you don’t believe it’s possible or the way you have seen it manifest in your families’ lives to date was something you feared and were protecting yourself against:

  • If gifts were given with expectations or strings attached in your childhood, you may have learned, it’s not safe to receive.
  • You may have learned men aren’t to be trusted if you saw your mom unhappy in her marriage–causing you to attract unavailable men.
  • If mom soothed your upsets with sweet treats, you may have learned that sugar gives you emotional comfort. When eating is the way you soothe yourself, it can be more difficult to lose weight.

Can you see how these past (maybe unconscious) beliefs could hinder your ability to receive, feel comfortable dating, and stick to a healthy, lower calorie diet?

Don’t worry, the intention setting process I am about to share is designed to help you train your brain and re-condition your central nervous system to feel more comfortable with the outcomes you desire.

The way I prompt you to write your intentions gets you into the feeling state of having what you desire manifested! Coupled with the stress relieving exercise I share, in just 5 minutes a day, you can train your brain and condition your central nervous system to be comfortable having this new thing you desire in your life!

See where people go wrong is they “think” and “say” what they want, without paying attention to how their intentions make them feel. If an intention or goal brings up any nervousness or anxiety, it’s manifesting fear, not your desires fulfilled.

The same way it feels good to listen to your favorite song or watch your favorite TV show, it can feel good to keep your vision and goals at the front of your mind and to take action steps that really satisfy you as you do them. The truth is, it’s unlikely you will follow through and take action on your intentions and goals any other way. It’s too difficult and uncomfortable!

Abraham Hicks, one of the first to teach about The Law of Attraction outlines the three steps to using this law successfully here: 

”The first step: to ask for what you want. ” With this step, it is important to consistently ask for what you want without planning, with an open mind that is connected to your heart versus expectations of what you think you “should” do.

Any ideas of what you “should” do are based on your past experiences and you are in the process of manifesting something new here, so leave the “how it will happen” up to the Universe. In my experience, the Universe can come up with way better outcomes than you could have ever planned yourself.

When I made the decision that I wanted to simplify my life and take a smaller office space three years ago, I had another year on my old lease and no idea how I might get out of it. My husband kept reminding me of the ideal situation we had dreamed up together, “How cool is it going to be having an office space in our building with no commute!” Miraculously, I found out a friend of mine wanted to open a Pilates studio and he took over my lease with no issue from my landlord. Then the perfect office space at the perfect rent opened up in our building! I couldn’t believe how seamlessly it happened, and this is exactly what I am talking about! The Universe comes up with way better outcomes then you could imagine when you get your worry out of the way 😉 

The second step: answer the request. That’s not your job; that is the job of Source Energy and Universal Forces. Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn) is the manager of that.” Lack of Faith can keep you from being able to successfully complete the second step. You must trust there is a higher power that hears your request and helps you fulfill it. Let go and let God, and the Universe and all the resources and people in it work with you.

Source energy is what The Chinese call Chi, which flows through everything. Everything is made of source energy. If you put the idea of energy aside and think about what scientists have broken down as our molecular structure, you know we all are made of the same stuff. People, animals, plants and even stars are made up of some of the same molecules: oxygen, water etc. I think of source energy as the glue that not only holds our atoms together, but also causes them to present in specific ways.

If you think about the air around us, while we feel separate from it; we can affect it and it can affect us via its temperature. When my husband is hot, the air around him changes; it even can feel more humid, lol! This is happening because all of the molecules that make up, him, me, and the space between us are affecting one another. Emotions can also be felt through space and time as well. If you have ever been affected by someone’s bad mood, you have experienced this. In turn, your feelings about your intentions and future radiate out from you, and they can have a ripple effect. 

”And the third step: you must be in the receiving mode of what you’re asking for.” As I have explained, disbelief or fear that what you want is possible based on your history can keep you from successfully completing step three and feeling worthy of having what you want and being in receiving mode of it.

If I had asked the gal from my class if she thought it was possible to have her student loan paid off in full from help from her family, she would have said, “No way!” Yet she believed it was possible to be debt free. Through this process, she was actually feeling what it would be like to be debt free and enjoying that feeling. She was also getting herself more and more comfortable receiving help from others. And when this gift was given, she felt those same feelings, relief and comfort in receiving this gift. Instead of arguing and, saying, “I couldn’t possibly accept this large a gift,” she immediately replied, “Thank you!” with deep gratitude and love for the family member that gave her this beautiful gift.

When you truly believe, the Universe can co-create better results than you ever could have thought possible on your own.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how well this has worked in my own life many times! This process manifested an unexpected 10k scholarship to a class I wanted to take years ago, a 150k gift to start my business and most recently funding to start a non-profit to help veterans with PTSD with energy work.

While people have been talking about The Law of Attraction for years, and many have written it off as played out woo woo, if you truly understand how it works, manifestations like these are possible. These stories are real life proof!

You can download my free How to Create Powerful Manifesting Intentions Worksheet below, so you too can have miraculous manifestations!

Set aside 15 minutes and see for yourself how exciting this process can be! 

Download The How to Create Powerful Manifesting Intentions Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you harness the power of The Law of Attraction. Writing out your goals as instructed in the worksheet and doing the exercise associated with it, can help you get your body and brain comfortable and excited about having what you desire, and jumpstart your manifesting process! Just notice the difference in the way you feel thinking about what you want answering the first question and how you feel after the exercise at the end!!!

Bon Manifesting!

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Wishing you all the love, joy and abundance you can dream up! 

So much love, 


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