Read This Before Making Your 2020 Resolutions



What’s at the heart of your matters?

With a new year and new decade upon us, and coming off of a powerful solar eclipse on December 26th, you may be feeling extra energy and pressure to put your dreams into resolutions and to hurry up and create a new reality for 2020!

“While Eclipses advance our soul journey, our human selves are often left to play catch up which is why they can sometimes be a jarring experience.”

Before you feel pressured into making hasty plans, I want to invite you to focus on what is at the heart of what matters to you.

Last year was jammed packed with fast-paced change and big growth for many of you.

Instead of doing what you have always done, you were checking in and enacting new rules, ones that honor what you want versus what you are used to doing to please others or to keep the status quo.

You were bravely moving into a more heart centered reality, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, and you may have out dated expectations or judgments about what you should have done or where you should be now. So, before you berate yourself with questions like…

Why am I not where I want to be?

How come I have waited so long?

Will what I want ever happen for me?

Please recognize!—-Who you are and what you want in your world as you know it has most likely changed.

So, I invite you to put any old expectations and judgments to the side, connect your head to your heart, and take the time to review just what happened last year and see what mattered most to you. Your answers may surprise you.

A lot happens in a year. And maybe some stuff you wanted didn’t. Just as likely, last year may have brought about….

  • interesting adventures,
  • new people, 
  • gifts you haven’t fully recognized, 
  • challenges that forced you to grow, get smarter, and create greater freedom for yourself! 

Life provides the blessings and prods your soul’s needs, not necessarily those your ego craves!

And, recognizing all that mattered can help you not only gain a new perspective about what is important to you but also inspire the confidence in yourself to feel sure you can meet your heart’s desires this year.

I have listed my favorite three questions from the 2019 Review below. They can make for inspired dinner conversation tonight with your friends.

And, if you have decided to stay in and have a rejuvenating night with yourself, you can download the entire review below, and maybe share your answers with a friend tomorrow.

Here are 3 of my favorite questions, which would be the best to discuss at your New Year’s and you can download the full 2019 Year Review Worksheet below and fill it out tomorrow.

These questions and most of the 2019 Review below were created by two of my mentors, executive coaches and founders of Women on Fire, Debbie Phillips, and her husband, Rob Berkley. Both of them have taught me so many important lessons and doing this review annually has given me profound insights about my life’s direction.

2019 Review: (Favorite 3 questions)

  1. What was most remarkable about last year? How did it make you feel? 
  2. What did you tolerate last year? What daily or weekly thing consistently annoyed you? How could you find a better solution? (Example: I tolerated feeling stressed-out sitting in traffic on my way to the train. Solution: I found a safe route and beat the traffic with Citi Bike instead!) 
  3. What was the most significant thing you did for yourself last year? What was the impact on you? How did it help?

2019 Year-End Review Worksheet

Download your 2019 Year-End Review Worksheet

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We are walking the Eclipse Gateway between a Solar Eclipse (December 26th) and a Lunar Eclipse (January 12th).

It’s a potent time to check in and go after what you want.

I will be sending guidance on the best way I have found to create your intentions within this next week, so you can use the information in the 2019 review to create intentions that matter and have the energy behind them to succeed with ease.

When you follow your heart, the easiest pathway has a tendency to appear before you 😉 

So much love!


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