How to Alleviate Anger and Frustration Immediately!



There is an energy brewing of which you need to be aware!

If you are feeling more pressured to get things done or to make things happen (Now!) or feeling frustrated and angry when things aren’t happening as fast as you would like, you are already feeling the effects of the energy of Spring.

As extra sunlight stimulates cell growth, pressure builds inside buds, until they burst into flowers, which then grow into the leaves of trees. This extra sunlight could be over- stimulating you too.

With this extra energy, you may be feeling a little edgy or overly pressured to make things happen.

This is totally natural. The emotion associated with Spring in Chinese Medicine is anger. It takes anger to grow. You would change nothing if there wasn’t an upset to work against. Anger fuels growth, activism and action. As I always say, upset is access to new growth, if you are willing to work with it.

To work more effectively, work with it………

Please, BE AWARE and NOTICE how you are feeling. Knowing that frustration, irritability and anger have a tendency to run high at this time of year can help you better manage this energy. Use the exercise below to release it, then plant your plan of action verses just reacting or stuffing your emotions.

While society teaches us to Keep Calm and Carry On, suppressing your feelings can contribute to tension, health issues and outbursts that could sabotage your peace of mind or the health of your relationships.

The exercise below can be effective for both recent frustration and anger and suppressed emotions from your past. Use this exercise to let it go and get into flow with what you want verses focusing on what is frustrating you.

This is a very satisfying exercise I can’t wait for you to try!

Let me know what you think in the comments 😉

Much peace and energy! 


4 Replies to “How to Alleviate Anger and Frustration Immediately!”

  1. Thank you, Lara, another very helpful exercise! But I feel like I’d need to do it for two hours to get everything out and I don’t have that kind of free time! lol I tend to get a huge adrenaline rush that seems to get stuck in my arms as if my body is preparing to fight back against something, but there is no actual immediate danger. Sometimes I just wake up with it so it seems like there is not even a cause and I don’t know what physical action to take if I can’t see the “enemy”. So I guess that’s just anger or defense from the past that I didn’t properly process that has piled up and storage space is getting full? It’s such an awful feeling to try to function normally while in such a constant state of anxiety. Can you speak to that specifically?

    1. Thanks so much for writing.

      I totally understand being short on time. One of my favorite times to do energy work is 10 minutes before bed and while I am sleeping. Yes! You can do it while you are sleeping;)
      I suggest doing the exercise in the video before bed, then resting with one hand on your forehead and the other on the chakra in which you feel the feeling the most. Put pillows under your elbows, so you don’t have to hold your arms up and can relax in this position. Then, simply lay there and wait to feel pulses in both hands, as you think, “Right here and right now, it is safe to let this fear or anger go.”
      Most of the time, I fall asleep in one of these positions, and my body continues to release the emotion, as I sleep. Start making this part of your bedtime routine, and see how it feels, how you wake in the morning.
      I generally feel more rested when I do one of these Clearing poses before bed.
      If you are still having issues after this, I could send info on a session, and I can test to see what else could be a problem.
      Much peace and love,

  2. Thank you, so so so much for this.
    It isn’t your first video that helps me and I know it won’t be the last.
    This has helped me relax from a stressfully situation, it’s helping me stay calm and try moving on from it without trying to keep encouraging negativity.
    Thank you

    1. Lara Riggio says: Reply

      Yay! I am o happy to hear that. Thank you for writing 🙂 Keep doing the exercise whenever you feel stressed and you will start to train your body to calm down more easily each time you’re in a stressful state. xx Lara

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