An Effective Hangover Helper and How to Begin to Manifest Your Resolutions Now!


New Years

Happy New Year! 

In 2019, I wish you the unbridled joy that comes with the satisfaction and gratitude for your wishes being fulfilled along with a continuous flow of inspiring insights and “ah-ha!” moments that lead you to know, really know, that you have the power to grow beyond any limitation and have this kind of fulfillment over and over again!

If you overindulged last night, PLEASE do this lymph massage ASAP; it is an amazing way to detoxify and energize your body. It can make you feel like yourself again in minutes!

And now, for your dreams!

* How are they going?
* Did you accomplish your resolutions from last year?

If you answered no – Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Resolutions and Goals most often don’t get fulfilled. Only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions – Dan Diamond, Forbes 

There is a good reason you didn’t keep your resolutions. Any change is unfamiliar and threatening to your status quo, so taking action steps to make it happen can feel like an uphill climb. So, if you don’t see immediate results, it is easy to lose interest, especially with all the usual demands of your everyday life.

This can change! You can make the process of achieving your goals way easier and fun now.

The same way it feels good to have a glass of wine with dinner, it can feel good to keep your vision and goals at the front of your mind and to take action steps that really satisfy you as you do them. The truth is, it’s unlikely you will do them any other way.

So let’s get you some inspiration, and get you using The Law of Attraction while you are at it!

The Law of Attraction works, but it doesn’t work with just words. For The Law of Attraction to work for you, you must feel with every ounce of your being that what you want is possible to attract it and to let it into your life. You must FEEL the feelings associated with HAVING the thing you desire. It is never enough to simply say what you want consciously. You must feel it is possible with every ounce of your being.

The fastest way to match the vibrational level of what you want is for you to feel the feelings associated with already having it!

So let’s get started!

Download the Manifest Your Resolutions Worksheet, fill it out, and create your manifesting mantras to use in the exercise in the video below.

Download The Manifest Your Resolutions Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you harness the power of The Law of Attraction. Writing out your goals as instructed in the worksheet and doing the exercise associated with it, can help you get your body and brain comfortable and excited about having what you desire, and jumpstart your manifesting process! Just notice the difference in the way you feel thinking about what you want answering the first question and how you feel after the exercise at the end!!!

Bon Manifesting!!!!

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It’s so much easier to take action when you feel the uplifting feelings associated with the fruition of your goals.

So much, love, joy and abundance,


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