An Important Retrograde Perspective!


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“When life feels like a roller coaster, you can close your eyes and hold on for dear life or try to see the view from above, and enjoy the ride. It will be over soon!”

The AstroTwins confirm this and give some hope!

“With Mercury retrograding through Leo’s lair since July 26, tension has been palpable and passions have been running a feverish high.


Thankfully, this dramatic arc takes a turn for the positive this Sunday, August 19, as Mercury pivots back into direct motion. Better still? The silver-tongued celestial flirt will be roaming happily through Leo’s jungle until September 5. And although what felt like a Greek tragedy earlier in the week (and month) might not become a comedy overnight, maybe you’ll finally be able to laugh about it…a little…or glean the golden lesson from the experience.” 

As I always say, upset is access to new opportunities for growth, if you are willing to calm yourself down, figure out what you want under these circumstances, and think about how it could feel if what you want actually happened!

This Mercury Retrograde has brought about fast resolutions to issues which have been hanging in the balance for quite a few of my clients. For others, it has brought up situations which have challenged their status quo and initiated growth. Both scenarios have created excitement, and in some cases, freak outs.

One of my clients had been workinge on a deal to sell his company for 6 months, and it suddenly feel apart the week of the eclipse and the start of this retrograde. When he got another offer, which turned out to be a better deal, he couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t more excited about it?

Expectations have a tendency to block opportunities and new possibilities. Change is scary, but without it, you will not achieve your goals or dreams.

So let’s have a quick conversation with your inner evaluator.

Dear Self, 

Thank you for taking such good care of me. You have done a great job of keeping me safe. 

I know it’s easier to feel safe when things stay the same or go along with the plan we are expecting, but when things change, there is an opportunity for growth. 

Just look at all of the forward motion we have created in our life this year. Think about all the new things we have done to grow or to achieve new goals this year. Please take a minute and list them all. Look at what we have accomplished! 

One small step at a time, we are changing and growing. I am so excited to see what life will be like when we look back at what we manifested together this year!

It is going to feel so amazing to have what we want! Just thinking about how it could be is getting me really excited and inspired! 

Whoo hoo! 

Thanks for helping me do this!



This next week, I invite you to read this letter to yourself once a day to help you:

  • Keep perspective on all you have achieved
  • Understand how you can change and grow
  • Get you inspired and motivated to continue to create the outcomes you desire!

Love, power and purpose!


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