Hope and Peace for These Scary Times



After the last Florida school attack, I received an email from a reader asking for access to my video How to Find Peace After Terrorism. It was helping her teenage daughter calm her fears about going to school.

It touched me deeply to know my video was helping lessen their suffering. And the fact that this young woman is learning real-world skills to overcome her anxiety and fear inspires me. I so wish I had these tools when I was a teenager! I did not have to face the fear of going to school. I did, however, have other fears and health issues that led me to my career path, and to creating this video. I can see from this young girl’s perseverance and the anti-gun movement powered by our youth, how these upsetting events are creating access to growth and to change.

As I witness the incredible capacity of the teenagers today to grow beyond their fears, to organize, to speak out and to inspire change, it gives me hope for humanity.

And, while it’s horrible to see their pain, I see them not as weak, but strong. They are a courageous example for us all. The power of the human spirit to transcend disaster, overcome trauma and to impact the collective is ALIVE in our youth.

And, as another group of students had their lives taken or shaken up last week in Texas, I am sending out the requested video again.

As it turns out, the original video was accidentally erased, so I made another, actually two in one day, because I was moved to share different exercises in each.

In my work with trauma survivors, whether it is childhood trauma or more recent, I help my clients use three steps to find their strength in the face of traumatic memories or feelings. They are outlined with examples in the video below. The exercises in the video are designed to help calm you and get you present to your current, safe reality, your personal power and your connection to the Divine.



After you do either one or both of the exercise above, please ask angels to help the wounded and the families and friends of the victims to heal. And get into the habit of asking your angels for guidance and protection every day before you leave your home.

I believe good luck has a lot to do with Divine connection and intervention.

And, please share this with anyone who might need some support right now.

Much Love and Divine Guidance,


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