Mercury Retrograde May 18th – June 11th



Heads Up! It’s happening AGAIN; Mercury retrogrades May 18th-June 11th.

  • mishaps with technology, slow email or disappearing files
  • relationships changing or coming to an end

In a nutshell, the planet Mercury rules the area of communication, mental clarity and self-expression. When it goes retrograde, those areas have a tendency to go wonky.

So… #1 try to avoid the following as much as you can during Mercury Retrograde…

  • signing contracts
  • making agreements
  • traveling
  • major purchases
  • beginning new ventures/projects
  • major meetings
  • important decisions

Now If you need to do any of these, don’t freak out, just make triple sure to dot all i’s and cross all t’s. And, be sure your choices are in alignment with what you really want, so check in, and make sure your body feels good with your decision with no constriction of your throat, or gut. If your throat feels tight, this may be your body’s way of telling you, you may not being expressing something important. If your stomach or gut is constricted, you may not be honoring something you want by making this decision. So, if you are feeling pressured to make an important decision, be sure to check in with your body to make sure it truly feels right. Just think about it, rushing into something that doesn’t feel right just to avoid pressure doesn’t make sense, especially during Mercury Retrograde when you could pay dearly for a bad decision. I am just saying…

#2 Be conscious of what and how you are communicating. During this time, communication has a tendency to go awry. This includes texts, emails, phone stuff, skype and verbal, so take the extra time to be clear, reiterate, follow up, and don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t hear back from someone. And, be aware that others may be more frustrated then usual, so give yourself some time to think through your responses and see where another person is coming from before you react.

#3 WRITE STUFF DOWN and BACK UP YOUR FILES! Mental clarity tends to be off as well. Awareness is 75% so as long as you proceed with caution, you will be fine. Sending deadline and appointment reminders to others is a great idea too! Backing up files will save you a lot of grief, if Mercury affects your technology.

#4 Stay open and compassionate. People have a tendency to express their viewpoints with greater passion during this time, and get attached to “being right.” Being prepared to stay open to new ideas and possibilities may save you angst, annoyance and frustration and also provide you with new opportunities or ways at looking at your world.

Also, remember, you can set any boundary with love and acceptance of another. We can always agree to disagree with grace. Here’s an example:

#5 If ya can’t sleep or are feeling particularly wired, do this video! Mercury has a tendency to rev up your central nervous system and cause insomnia and greater levels of anxiety. This video will help you calm your central nervous system, so you can sleep well and handle any mishaps with more ease during your day.

AND Remember, Mercury in retrograde doesn’t have to be so bad; we can ACTUALLY BENEFIT from it by really focusing on:

  • what we want and savoring different decisions before making them
  • how well we are communicating
  • organizing our thoughts and creating new systems for remembering things
  • being conscious and compassionate
  • getting a more restful sleep!

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